Discussion - Things you like and did not like when you switched to the new Microsoft Edge

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If we have switched from any other browser (including Legacy Edge) to the new Microsoft Edge, there would have been some things that we liked and did not like. So, I wanted to open this discussion where any user who uses the new Microsoft Edge can express the feelings it would have got when switching to the new Microsoft Edge.

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I like the collection feature ! But miss the fluent design. That's my opinion...

I love almost everything about the new Edge but I really miss how smooth scrolling was on Legacy Edge. Also, Legacy Edge was extremely touch-friendly and that was the main reason why I used it over other browsers on my Windows 10 tablets.

I still use old edge because of fluent design and smooth scrolling.....

Have to use old edge to retain the full pdf support of legacy edge. 

I don't like that you took away the button to set aside multiple tabs at once in the new edge. If you want to do something productive, then fix the search engine so that it's not plugged up with amazon and ebay ads. I would like to be able to collapse all duplicate links into one. I only want to see the same thing once. Only the massive multinational companies' ads show. I'd like to be able to more easily find small U.S. businesses. dno