Discussion - Mouse cursor sometimes disappears


Hey Insiders,


We’re trying to get more information about the mouse cursor disappearing issue, specifically a reproducible case that we can review. To that end we’re starting this discussion to ask for your help in helping us tackle this issue.


Firstly please note that we have some cases in Chromium where we expect the mouse cursor to disappear:

  1. When watching video if the mouse cursor is hovering over the video and not moving it will disappear.
  2. When using touch input to interact with the browser.


If you are having the mouse cursor disappear, it’s not during one of these scenarios, and it’s reproducible, reply to this thread. We’ll get a discussion going to try to help us understand the issue better so that we can fix it.

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Hello! I had this problem this morning with the mouse disappearing. All was fine while using Tinn R and MySQL, but when I switched to WeBuilder I lost the mouse. I switch between these programs a lot and have never experienced the disappearing mouse before!



Hello. I also just started experiencing this issue. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 (clean install), and use ShareMouse (software solution for sharing keyboard and mouse between an Apple Mac Mini and a home built PC) v. a KVM switch. Sometimes it is a little buggy, but it has been a lot better in the last year or so. After the Windows 10 clean install, everything was working fine, cursor was visible, etc., for 2-3 weeks.


Then a couple of days ago, after waking the PC up from sleep, my cursor was missing. Tried most everything: restarts, updating drivers, updating to 20H2, tweaking settings, etc. and still the cursor would disappear. The only thing that allowed it to reappear was ALSO having a USB mouse connected. BUT, I discovered this morning that the USB mouse did not even need to be powered on; all I had to do was plug its USB receiver into an available port.


Obviously this is still not ideal, and luckily I had the spare USB mouse available, but at least now I don't need to worry about having fresh(ly charged) batteries in the USB mouse. Anyhow, I hope that information somehow helps to fix this bug.

This is happening to me constantly. I actually cannot get it to NOT reproduce. I do a fresh install from USB (3/5/2021) downloaded from win usb installer creation tool. Complete fresh install, it seems to include 20H2 in the installer. I let all updates complete, not many at this point. I install a game League of Legends and also a game that I am designing for reference, both have the option to go to full screen. once it goes into full screen the mouse disappears every time. Tried everything, to fix it I had to find my old win 10 pro disc and install from there, feels like a 20H2 or round about there problem.

@Hellifino I have a fix for you, go to settings (accessibility) and change your mouse pointer to any that is not the default one