Discussion: Add button to "Copy to Clipboard" while right-clicking Bing or Google images

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Hello Insiders,


I want to suggest a feature to Copy to Clipboard while right-clicking on images. 


Why I want this feature:

We sometimes need to get images and place them somewhere in cyberspace and say we don't have storage space or we have to save time. The only option is to copy and paste.


I hope you like it.




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@Kam  yes or you can do it with the suggestion i wrote, where they add a drop zone, and inside this zone we can do different things: save to onedrive, save to cloud, share with onedrive, download to mac, drop to another app later, reverse search all images, add to collections all images, etc. or even copy all to clipboard


this is limited only to your workflow in edge, otherwise a dragdrop mac app is needed and your solution is much better. so they can even implement a right menu option too.


just added to https://onelinkbio.com/moreedgesuggestions


in my opinion they can even add a better way to batch copy url/image link too 



@edgesuggestions Thank you for posting this on your bio! What image viewer did you use for showing my picture filename?




but there are other apps too like 





PS: but i still think there is a big problem with your suggestion.  in such way they copy the small image size. i already reported such problem before too.


other apps/extension have the same identical problem. 


Edge Dev need to look to copy the right url image before saving the image, without need to open the original size. We need to rememeber that google created a *** google image in the last time (by removing a lot of buttons too). we can still revert it back thanks to chrome extension (in parts).


so again please save big images if we do that on the small images. like i want the big image in pinterest, reddit, etc, when i click on the small image.