Discrepancies with meeting times when printing calendars from Outlook Web Access (Exchange)

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I am posting this message as since the latest Microsoft Edge 108 update last month, we are experiencing issues when printing calendars from Outlook Web Access (corporate with Exchange server).

Indeed, when opening the preview before printing, a meeting supposed to start at 8:00 AM will be displayed at 9:30 AM instead, including the next meetings for which discrepancies can also be seen.

After printing, then meeting times are mismatched as well.


We have already checked the regional options in Outlook Web access and checked the page layout options but to no avail.

After several tests, we noticed that this issue is only occurring when using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (starting from version 108).

Here are the browsers tested and results observed :

- Microsoft Edge 106 under Windows 10 : OK

- Microsoft Edge 108 and above under Windows 10 : NOT WORKING

- Google Chrome 108 and above under Windows 10 : NOT WORKING

- Mozilla Firefox 108 under Windows 10 : OK

- Safari under Mac OS X Ventura 13.1 : OK

Has one of you already experienced such issue ?

It looks like that Microsoft already solved such an issue last month but not for all Outlook Web Access platforms (see post below) :


I also posted a question on the Google Bug Tracker but developers are not able to reproduce the issue and are asking credentials in order to connect to our mailbox and investigate further, which is impossible on the security side.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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