Discover button possibly made by AI Monke

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The discover button is extremely ugly, you can't remove it, it's where the menu used to be and if u hover over it, it shows the side bar. Give us the option to remove it because this is so bad that it is honestly driving me to find a new browser. Also whoever had the idea for this feature, the people who actually made it and the ones who let it go live need to be locked up for committing acts of terror, no kizzy.

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The latest Canary 113 allows disabling the Bing button in Settings > Sidebar > Discover. If you are on stable, use an enterprise policy to toggle it off.



You can stop the big blue Bing button from appearing by launching Edge with the switch 


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --disable-features=msUndersideButton


There is already a setting to hide the button in Canary 113 at Settings > Sidebar > Discover.