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As some of you have noticed the Bing Chat AI is now integratted into a number of apps and services. Bing Search, Skype, Microsoft Edge, Visual Studio, etc. It is frankly speaking broken on all platforms. I never wish to interact with this thing again. Documentation is also non-existent for said implementations.

I asked the AI on how I would disable or remove it from said applications of which it does not know of how to do this and will give you bad info or will lock-up trying to search for the answer. Eventually ending with "I'm sorry but I prefer not to continue this conversation. I'm still learning so I appreciate your understanding and patience." I have no more patience with this shoe-horned project of Microsoft's. If I wanted to use the AI (Which I don't because it is terrible) I would go to for it.

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Edge Discover is an awesome tool to help improve Web Browsing experience. I use it daily. However...

If you do not want Edge Discover, introduced into Canary builds is a method to disable Discover.

In Microsoft Edge Canary:

If this stays it will work it's way up to Dev, then to Beta and finally General availability.


I actually have some bad news in regards to that. In Version 111.0.1661.41 (Official build) (64-bit) you will have the discover pane with no way to disable it within settings of Edge. You will have to use manual modifications such as regedits. Is already in official builds if you will.


as I mentioned, introduced in Canary (daily builds), it has not made it's way to: Dev, Beta or General Availability


Edge Canary Version 113.0.1742.0


The Settings.png


I didn't even try to register when I saw how much information it required (AI Bing) to get it running – really funny is so much interest – > for me it's really redundant – my time is too precious – to work with the algorithm!

Thank you for your honest post.

This is a democrat slanted politically biased search bot that hides any articles, web sites, or other media that disagrees in any way with the FBI Approved democrat media narratives. In other words, it directly lies when you search for anything that disagrees with the democrat party positions. It outright lies about Trump, America First, MAGA, republicans, climate change, and the sexual mutilation of children.

I will never want to use this science denying brainwashing political bot.

I will never use this stupid propaganda bot and no else should either.


Hi, I think you are too critical, Microsoft has provided the user with the ability to disable Bing AI -> this is a fair action because you can make a choice and use the computer as before.

Please I am waiting for a reply :)