Disabling the Bing/Discovery button on macOS

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To remove the new, ugly Bing sidebar on macOS, you need to create a local policy file. Note that doing this will disable the sidebar completely since Microsoft hasn't yet separated the sidebar from the icon itself, though they say that's coming. Anyway, here's how to do it:


First, quit Edge is it's already open and running.


Create the following folder on your Mac: \Library\Managed Preferences. Note that this folder is created in the root Library folder and not the one in your home directory.


Create the properly formatted .plist file on your desktop by opening Terminal.app and typing the following command:


/usr/bin/defaults write ~/Desktop/com.microsoft.Edge.plist HubsSidebarEnabled -bool false


This will create the file you need with the right option.


Next, move this file into the \Library\Managed Preferences folder.


Start Edge, and voila - the button is gone!


You can verify the policy loaded by going to edge:policy, and this should be the only one you see.

To disable this policy, quit Edge, move the file out of that folder (or set the value to true inside the file, using a text editor), and reboot the Mac.

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Tried this and it didn't work for me.

I also tried to move the plist file to `/Library/Preferences`, didn't work either


Try these commands in the terminal which worked for me:

/usr/bin/defaults write /tmp/com.microsoft.Edge.plist HubsSidebarEnabled -bool false
sudo mkdir /Library/Managed\ Preferences
sudo mv /tmp/com.microsoft.Edge.plist /Library/Managed\ Preferences/

It's still absolute nonsense that this is even required :facepalm: 

Thank you, the proposed solution worked for me.
But this is an absolutely shame that we even need to do following actions. I liked new Edge from the start of the project because of the vertical tabs, but currenty it feels like a collection of bloatware and reminds me days of IE 6.0 with lot of additional "bloatware toolbars".

Microsoft is adding an option to disable the button, and it's in the current Canary/Dev builds. That'll be version 113, about two months away from production.


One thing I didn't realize is that the "\Library\Managed Preferences" folder solution reverts whenever you log off. Meaning, the configuration file you install there is removed.


The managed preferences is a deprecated solution in favor of using management profiles. You can download the "iMazing Profile Editor" application from the Mac App Store to build your own management profile and install that on your Mac. The app is free and the third party apps are updated regularly. Microsoft Edge policy building is an included module in the app, and you can create a profile to disable the sidebar this way. It's in the Other section, and you uncheck the Show Hubs Sidebar option to build that setting into the policy.


I did this and the change survives log offs and reboots. Image below.edge.png

Awesome, the solution with the iMazing Profile Editor works well for me! You can also delete the profile editor after you installed the profile. Really good solution for something that shouldn't exist in the first place.

As of Edge (stable channel) version 111.0.1661.54, a policy or profile hack is no longer required. The option to disable the Discover button is now available in the browser settings, under Sidebar > Discover.