Dictation (text-to-speech) as an integrated feature of Edge.

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Hi Folks, Windows 10 Dictation has some general flaws for the purpose of dictating long documents. In particular, it has a timer that causes dictation to sleep after a few seconds (seems to be about 5 seconds) of inactivity. However, many writers pause regularly, so the composition isn't continuous. Since many systems are moving to web-based with browser clients, I'm thinking Edge would be an excellent place to integrate an interface to the Dictation backend, but with a few nice customizations. That is, customize the inactivity timer value and maybe an on/off switch, or even the equivalent of a push-to-talk switch. Using myself as an example, I don't want to use Cortana, I just want to be able to Dictate without constantly having to restart dictation. Think about it -- Edge is as much an application as Word or any other app. Regards, Rob

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