DevTools - All menus are "empty"

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Am I the only one who's experiencing this issue with DevTools menu?



Labels are not displayed, regardless of the website / menu.


MS Edge 90.0.803.0 (64 bit)

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I also tried to:

1) Change the language to English US
2) Disable all the extensions

but it did not help. :(
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an Edge developer's response to this:


"Good news, this is now been fixed in Edge Canary. This means that the next time Edge Dev updates itself, this will be resolved there too. Edge Dev is updated weekly I think, so it should be a matter of a few days."



p.s may I suggest using the search function of the forum before making a new post, it's good at finding similar posts :)


Thank you for your reply.

Actually I searched for similar issues, but likely I used the wrong keywords...