Dev v. 80.328.4 Collections missing

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I was using version 80.320.5 with collections. I upgraded to v. 80.328.4 tonight and collections dropped from the Ellipsis menu. What happened to Collections?

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Hi @leon_h 

check and see if its flag is disabled


Annotation 2019-11-15 090950.png


@HotCakeX Doh!  Thank you for pointing that out. That is exactly the problem. Collections are back.

@leon_h Does anyone know if Collections will be part of the Edge release in January? It is not in Beta version 79 and i think i heard that version 79. is the version that is going to be released in January. 

You're welcome! yes version 79 is marked to be the first stable release and it's unlikely to get the Collections feature because by now it's feature-locked and they are only working on bug fixes for it.
Collections still being a "flag" instead of an option in the Edge settings page suggests that it's still experimental :)

@HotCakeX :cry: Thanks for the comment. That is what I thought but was hoping.

Oh :(
let's use Dev or Canary until it's added to the stable version
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