Dev Channel - Weekly Updates?

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Reading through the info on the various channels, I see this as a notation for the Dev Channel.

"it’s the best build of the week from the Canary channel."


Based upon that tidbit, I was expecting a new Dev build every week. Since we received the first iteration on Monday a week ago, I was expecting an update this past Monday (04/15). Am I reading something incorrectly and setting the wrong expectation?


I have been using Version daily without issue. I am anxious for the spell checking to come to life, or at least the Grammarly extension to begin working before it can be my primary browser in a business environment.

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@Darrell Shannon   I'm not sure about this, but I think what happens is that the Edge team does 7 days of daily builds, and then picks and choose among the feartures/functions to build a weekly Dev build.  If that is the right interpretation of Microsoft's language, then I wouldn't expect the new Dev build for a few days after the Edge team has done 7 daily Canary builds.  Another poster (in a different thread) said that he believes that Dev builds will be scheduled for Fridays.   We'll all know soon enough.

@tomscharbach - Thanks for the feedback. We are roughly on the same page. Since the first Dev & Canary build appeared on 4/8, I was anticipating that Canary daily builds for 4/8 thru 4/14 would count as the 7 versions they would select the "best of" from for a new Dev build on 4/15.


Based on the language, I would expect a new Dev build every 7 days, starting from first Dev release on Monday 4/8 but obviously, that is not the case! 

Hey @Darrell Shannon, you can install the grammarly extension in the new Edge browser. Just follow the steps from here -


I used it while typing this response - correcting a errors :)

@amitkun - I did so on day one, but it does not work for me. The green checking icon just spins endlessly.  I presumed it was a side effect of Microsoft not having their spell check piece working yet. Are you running Canary or Dev?

@Darrell Shannon - am running Canary - Version (Official build) canary (64-bit). However, I quickly tried installing on the dev version as well and it worked there too. Can you try again once - maybe uninstall and re-install. I know it not ideal, it should have just worked.

@Darrell Shannon I was wondering that as well.

Further on the download page for Edge, it reads "updated weekly" under Dev channel¹

I would say that is even more setting the expectations than the tidbit you mentioned ;)

I reached out to @MSEdgeDev on twitter, but no response - Oh well, I think we'll get it soon enough, but I agree transparency is needed on the subject :relieved_face:


1 -

@amitkun - Nope. Uninstall and reinstall is still the same. The Grammarly icon is present but just spin eternally once you begin typing and won't underline errors or turn the icon red. I am posting this from Chrome where it works just fine.

@Darrell Shannon - are you installing Grammarly from Microsoft Edge Insider store ( or from Chrome Web Store?

Generally, yes, you should expect an ~weekly update for the Dev builds, although it could slip a bit here and there depending on regressions coming from Canary.

Having said that, this first Dev build is a bit special and I believe the plan is that the first weekly update will be skipped. Weekly update cadence should begin soon.

@Balaje_Krishnan - Yes. It is the version found in the Microsoft extensions store. The only thing I can imagine at this point is that the problem lies with Edge not yet being able to deal with Active Directory credentials and log-ins. I am logged into the Dev Edge browser with my personal Microsoft account as it will not work with my company domain business credentials. However, the Grammarly account is tied to my business email. As long as there is a valid Grammarly account logged in you would think it would work, but maybe not.

@Darrell Shannon - we will investigate this. Yes, it should work as long as you are signed in with a valid account with Grammarly. We will take a look.

@Darrell Shannon 

Glad to see others have not been updated from like myself.

Strange that some have posted thay they have received an update in the Dev. Channel?

Perhaps changing to the Canary Channel might be better?

@David Elliott  Glad to see others have not been updated from like myself.

Strange that some have posted thay they have received an update in the Dev. Channel?


I haven't seen those posts, but as far as I know (based on posts from Microsoft employees on the Edge team) the Dev channel has not been updated to date, so I don't know what is going on. @ericlaw  (a Microsoft employee on the Microsoft Tech Community) posted this on another thread yesterday, in case you haven't seen it yet:  "[T]his first Dev build is a bit special and I believe the plan is that the first weekly update will be skipped. Weekly update cadence should begin soon."  I'm looking for an update next week.


As to the choice of Canary or Dev, that's up to you.  Canary is on a daily unpdate rhythm, Dev on a weekly.   Canary is less stable than Dev, intentionally so.  You can expect Canary updates to crash and burn from time to time (a daily build crashed while scrolling last week; that issue was resolved in the next day's build), while Dev builds (which pick and choose from the best of the past week's Canary features/functions, deploying after user and regression testing) are less likely to do so.


It is a matter of testing style.  After I understood the inherent stability of Edge Chromium, I decided to make the new browser my daily driver, using it exclusively when I'm in a Windows environment.  And for that, I wanted reasonably stable builds, pointing me to Dev.  Others enjoy being on the cutting (bleeding?) edge of testing, and don't need/want the stability.  If that fits your style, go for it.  Its up to you.  Every tester is doing a service.


Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)

UPDATE: A new build of the Dev channel is expected as early as today.

@Balaje_Krishnan - With the new Dev build today, and the notes regarding certain extensions not working when they rely on a Google related log-in, I had hope that was the issue. My Grammarly account was setup to log-in "Using Google" rather than being a standalone email and password. I went ahead and deleted that account (no longer want to use Google for anything anyway) and setup a new account. Once again added Grammarly (from the Microsoft extensions) to the latest Edge Dev. Fingers crossed, but still the same issue. As I type this the green circle is spinning constantly and never resolves as good or bad.

@Darrell Shannon Thank you for your patience with our first Dev channel update.  As @ericlaw mentioned, we did take our time with the first update.  We have since pushed our first update and everyone should have been notified that the update is ready for install.  We expect this process to be smoother in the future.  As always, let us know how you feel about the job we are doing. 

@Elliot Kirk So just to plan myself, all Dev releases will happen on Fridays?

@cbomtempo - That would seem a reasonable deduction but alas, here it is Friday and no update! So it would seem that weekly or every seven days means nothing in reality.


@Elliot Kirk - No problem with patience. However, clear insight into what we can really expect as far as a schedule for updates would be great. If the intent really is weekly, then a posting here on why the delay and when to actually expect the next update would be great.


Otherwise, we are In-The-Darkers rather than Insiders.

@Darrell Shannon I would guess, if it happens on every friday, it would happen at the end of friday, around 4 PM -07:00 UTC (Pacific Daylight Saving Time) - At the time I write this, I can see that it is just 06:24 AM in Redmond :)