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@ericlaw (a Microsoft employee on the Microsoft Tech Community) gave us some information about Dev Channel weekly updates in the thread "Dev Channel - Weekly Updates?" a few minutes ago.


Because this topic has been popping up in several threads, I thought it would be useful to bring it to the forefront in by opening a new conversation.


Dev Channel - Weekly Updates?

@ericlaw replied to Rahsna Asurac 30m ago

Generally, yes, you should expect an ~weekly update for the Dev builds, although it could slip a bit here and there depending on regressions coming from Canary.


Having said that, this first Dev build is a bit special and I believe the plan is that the first weekly update will be skipped. Weekly update cadence should begin soon.


That's the information we've all been speculating about.

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An update, as of this morning in one of the threads tracking this issue:


@ericlaw replied to Darrell Shannon 3 hours ago
UPDATE: A new build of the Dev channel is expected as early as today

@ericlaw is a Microsoft employee and part of the Edge team.
That would be great! Looking forward to it..... Are you all going to post what's new and fixed/changed @ericlaw ?


@Dennis5mile I believe that the changelog would be on the order of ~8000 changelists, which makes it pretty impractical to give a useful list (Although the tool at will generate one for the platform itself if you really want it). 


I believe there will be a list of "highlights" somewhere.

Just to let you know I did click that link to check it out... lol... Thanks :astonished_face:


For those interested, my desktop just (4:45 pm US Central) updated to Dev Build  I'll do the two laptops later tonight or tomorrow.  The update process took a minute or two and went smoothly.  So go forth without fear.


 Hi everybody. I updated Edge about 2 hours ago (21h15 GMT), and it worked fine.

Initial comments/question:

  • PDF reader - I'll take the tools in the context menu item in turn.
    • Scrolls a little more smoothly, although it's still a little laggy sometimes
    • Refresh: Works without too much delay
    • Save As : Fine
    • Print: Fine
    • Cast media to device: Every time the message says no devices found - what are the hardware requirements on othe devices for this to work? I still clinging onto my Lumia 950 (for now! ☺)
    • Both rotate directions are quite fast & smooth

On the tool bar, everything works well (zoom buttons, rotate, fit to width, print, save)


By the way, I still have an issue with Youtube videos playing (poor quality, judders, refreshes nefore continuing. Other video apps, even live streaming are fine. Any ideas for a fix, or is this work in progress? 

Cheers, have a great Easter weekend everyone!


I am glad that the update process has been going smoothly.  We took our time, and weren't very upfront about it.  For this, we apologize.  We are still learning, and I hope that things will go smoothly again next week when we update the Dev channel.

Hi maybe this is the wrong place for it, but how do I remove all my favorite bookmarks in edge dev all at once