Dev channel update to 83.0.478.5 is live


Hello insiders, today we’re releasing build 83.0.478.5 to the Dev channel.  This is our Beta release candidate for major version 83, and since it’s also not that much newer than last week’s Dev channel build, it’s a relatively light week this week in terms of changes.  Regarding known issues, we’ve made some fixes for high, constant CPU use in random extensions or tabs, but since there could be many possible causes, we’re still very interested in knowing places where people are still seeing it, especially if it can be consistently reproduced.  We’ve also got a discussion going for anybody who’s been asking for the ability to keep your data in sync between Edge and Chrome:  As for what’s new and worth mentioning: 


Added features: 


  • Added the ability to select text and read aloud just the selection. 
  • Added the ability to add nicknames to payment cards that are stored for easy differentiation. 
  • Added support for websites to ask for permission to edit files on your device (not supported by all devices). 
  • Added support for importing data from Firefox using the Auto Import At First Run management policy.  
  • Added support for the DNS Over HTTPS Mode management policy from upstream Chromium. 


Improved reliability: 


  • Fixed an issue where random renderer processes sometimes use high, constant amounts of CPU. 
  • Fixed an issue where closing a tab sometimes crashes the browser. 
  • Fixed an issue where closing a tab containing a PDF document sometimes crashes the browser. 
  • Fixed a crash on launch on Mac. 
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to report an unsafe website sometimes crashes the browser. 
  • Fixed an issue where using Picture-in-Picture mode to view a video sometimes crashes the browser. 
  • Fixed an issue where dragging an image into a Collection sometimes crashes the Collections pane. 


Changed behavior: 


  • Changed the Passwords page in Settings to no longer show the number of characters in a password before being given permission to show the password itself. 
  • Fixed an issue where trying to copy data out of a form in a PDF sometimes copies text from the main PDF content instead if there’s any text highlighted at the time. 
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs are not automatically downloaded when the “Always Open PDF Externally” management policy is enabled. 
  • Improved detection of sites where payment information is submitted in order to offer better suggestions for when to save payment card info. 
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to manually import data from Firefox sometimes showed multiple Firefox entries.
  • Fixed an issue where password autosuggest popups sometimes appear above the text box instead of below it. 
  • Fixed an issue where management policies that modify the new tab page break the setting to only show the Favorites Bar on the new tab page. 
  • Fixed an issue where signing into the browser with a Work or School account sometimes leads to work or school websites being blocked when they shouldn’t be. 
  • Fixed an issue where links that create IE mode tabs in new windows sometimes fail to create more tabs after the first in the new window. 


Known issues: 


  • Some users are seeing favorites get duplicated after we made some previous fixes in that area. The most common way this is triggered is by installing the Stable channel of Edge and then signing into it with an account that has already signed into Edge before.  Fixing this should be easier now that the deduplicator tool is available.  However, we’ve also seen duplication happen when running the deduplicator on multiple machines before either machine has a chance to fully sync its changes, so while we wait for some of the fixes we’ve made to come to Stable, make sure to leave plenty of time in between runs of the deduplicator.  We hope that this will be improved once version 81 is released to Stable. 
  • After an initial fix for it recently, some users are still experiencing Edge windows becoming all black.  Opening the Browser Task Manager (keyboard shortcut is shift + esc) and killing the GPU process usually fixes it.  Note that this only appears to affect users with certain hardware and is most easily triggered by resizing an Edge window. 
  • Some users are seeing “wobbling” behavior when scrolling using trackpad gestures or touchscreens, where scrolling in one dimension also causes the page to subtly scroll back and forth in the other.  Note that this only affects certain websites and seems to be worse on certain devices.  This is most likely related to our ongoing work to bring scrolling back to parity with Edge Legacy’s behavior, so if this behavior is undesirable, you can temporarily turn it off by disabling the edge://flags/#edge-experimental-scrolling flag. 
  • There are some issues where users with multiple audio output devices sometimes don’t get any sound from Edge. In one case, Edge becomes muted in the Windows Volume Mixer and unmuting it fixes it.  In another, restarting the browser fixes it. 
  • At certain zoom levels, there is a noticeable line between the browser UI and the web contents.


We will most likely be releasing a small revision to this build later this week to make sure we’re perfectly in sync with all the changes from the Chromium project, and then next week, it’s on to version 84!  Also, make sure you don’t miss our update to bring Stable to version 81. 


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@TheGuruAU good find about the shortcut not changing for when you're just reading a selection.  I'll make sure the team knows!  

@Rui_Palhinhas I'm having trouble reproducing the startup behavior you mention.  Is it possible you have another installation of Edge set to "continue where you left of", and that setting was synced?  


I've been checking every couple of day when I open the browser.  Cookies aren't being cleared even though it is selected to clear on close.  I noticed this started a little over a week ago when the option was added to save selected cookies.  I've reported it through feedback a couple of times.  I believe I had 138 cookies when I checked this morning on Dev.



Here is a fresh session from Canary:



I would expect there to be none as it was before that feature was added.  Am I missing something?

@Ed Sparks in general, I try not to mention new features here in the release notes until they're turned on via code, and thus not with a controlled rollout.  Or if there is a new feature only available via a controlled rollout, but it's something we want to make people aware of before everybody has it, I usually try to mention that it's under a rollout.  Unfortunately, I quite often make mistakes, since I look primarily at code changes.  

I think one thing that hasn't been communicated well, though, is just how important controlled rollouts are for assuring we don't regress any of our fundamentals:  reliability, performance, etc.  Often, when we introduce new code, it can have unforeseen consequences in completely unrelated areas, and having control populations to compare against is crucial for being able to quickly find and root-cause those issues.  While it's our goal to only take a couple of weeks for this process, you're right that it often takes us longer before we enable the feature for everybody via code, so we have room for improvement there.  

@Russ_Turrentine hmm, it might be useful to figure out exactly which cookies aren't getting deleted.  For example, I turned on the setting to continue browsing where I left off (so no new pages would be loaded when I opened the browser), turned on the setting to delete cookies on exit (with no exceptions), then opened a single tab to edge://settings/siteData, which lists every cookie I have.  I then closed and re-opened the browser (which brought it back to that Settings page).  I didn't have 0 cookies, but the only ones I did have were for Bing and Office, in order to provide single sign-on.  If you have cookies from other specific sites upon re-launch, it might be useful to see if you can reproduce the behavior in both Dev and Canary, just to rule out something funky about one of your installs.   



New issue has started for me either in this build or the last. Randomly pages just won't load. I can try any website, but nothing will load. And previously open links also won't work anymore (ex. watching a youtube video, it won't buffer or load any more). Seems to happen multiple times a day as of today. The only fix is if I fully quit Edge and reopen it, then everything works fine again. But I can go to another browser, like Safari, and go to any site and it loads fine, while Edge is having the issue. Quitting Edge and reopening then gets things working again. Any idea what this could be? Very odd and a new issue for me!


Update to this: I noticed in the bottom left corner when this happens it shows processing request when it's attempting to load infinitely. Also if I open a page in incognito mode, it works fine. But to get the original browser working again I have to quit and re-open.

@josh_bodner Thanks for looking into this - it must have been something weird with the machine I was using.


Today I've tested again (after updating to the latest Windows Insider build) and also on a different machine and both worked fine and as expected (new tab page instead of reopening the old tabs).


Just a glitch in the Matrix it seems...! :)

@josh_bodner At first, I would have agreed that it could be machine or install specific, but it happens on three different machines using both Canary and Dev.  I have only Favorites (which I don't use), Settings, and Collections turned on to sync.  I have Passwords, Payment Info, and Addresses and More all turned off.  In Clear Browsing Data on Close, everything is selected except the last two, Site Permissions and Hosted App Data.  When I opened the browser, I went to the page you listed, and there were 38 cookies still present.  I came to the discussion forum to respond and did not have to sign in.  I'll close the browser again and come back to see if there is any difference.


I work in Insurance which has to abide by all requirements for the banking industry as well as a few other things.  When I close the browser, I basically don't want anything saved.  I don't even like that you'll be automatically signed into Office 365 if you're using the same profile on the browser.  I want it to ask each and every time to login.


OK, I closed the browser and restarted the computer.  I came back to the site and didn't have to login.  I went back to the Settings page listed and there were all the same cookies as before including a couple new ones.  I checked the options to delete browsing data on close, and it's all still selected as it should be.  I'm not sure what else to check at this point.


Hmm seems like I'm having the same issue now. I can't access Gmail at all, but when I sign in on an InPrivate window it works.

@jchow @NashizM 


Does that issue persist even after clearing cookie data/history?

@Russ_Turrentine I'm sorry to hear this is a persistent issue for you. Do you have any extensions installed? Sometimes they also load cookies on start. 

I tried and unfortunately yes, the issue still persists.

So it seems my problem might be different. The issue no longer persists when I cleared by cookies from the last 24 hours.

This "experimental scrolling" also makes mouse wheel scrolling feel like garbage. The least they can do is figure out how to keep them separate first...



I've had similar issues in the past with Chrome so thought I'd suggest it. Nice that you can get in now.



I do think the "smooth" part of the scrolling isn't quite there yet. And I agree there should be a toggle to turn it off in settings not hidden with a flag.

Any ideas on what it could be for me? Actually was surprised it didn't work - and I cleared for all time not just 24 hours. A bit odd on what's going on. Unfortunately it's happening multiple times a day for me at random times so it's getting a little frustrating.



Have you tried using a different profile? Are you syncing a profile to your Microsoft account? Maybe you have a profile setting that is causing the issue if it isn't history/cookie/addon related.



just received 83.0.478.10 in dev  and 81.0.416.58 in the official release version. no release notes



I can't imagine its a profile issue if it started randomly, however it could be an extension issue! I'll disable and see if that fixes anything.