Dev channel update to 81.0.410.1 is live


Hello Insiders, today we’re releasing build 81.0.410.1 to the Dev Channel.  We’ve also got our quarterly survey available to take here:  Please let us know how we could better interact with you on the Tech Community forums! 


Next, we’ve got a new how-to over on the Enterprise section:  how to disable the First Run Experience:  There’s also a new blog post explaining our work to localize the F12 Dev Tools:  Finally, all of the most noteworthy features and fixes for this week: 


Added Features: 


  • Added a keyboard shortcut to enter Immersive Reader mode. 
  • Enabled support for cards saved in MSPay to be used in webpages. 
  • Enabled Dolby Vision support for capable devices. 
  • Added support on Mac for reading PDFs protected with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP). 
  • Added a limit to the amount of text that can be added to an item in a Collection.  Note that we are still measuring this limit and may adjust it in the future. 


Improved Reliability: 


  • Fixed a crash on startup when sync is enabled. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain websites crash upon load. 
  • Fixed a crash when starting a download. 
  • Fixed a crash when manually importing data from other browsers. 
  • Fixed a crash when searching for text on a webpage. 
  • Fixed an issue where deleted favorites sometimes re-appear when another device tries to sync. 
  • Fixed an issue where enabling Application Guard causes high CPU usage when idle. 
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where enabling SmartScreen causes high CPU usage when idle. 
  • Fixed an issue where there is sometimes a delay when opening a new window before anything loads. 
  • Fixed an issue where webpages that use the Windows credential prompt for logging in crash the browser when showing the prompt. 
  • Fixed an issue where websites installed as apps sometimes don’t open. 
  • Fixed a browser crash when closing the Collections pane. 
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Collections pane sometimes causes a browser crash. 
  • Fixed a crash when navigating to certain websites for Collections users. 
  • Fixed an issue where syncing a Collection sometimes crashes the Collections pane. 
  • Fixed a crash when closing the browser. 
  • Fixed a crash when closing the browser for users of extensions. 
  • Fixed an issue where disabling Internet Explorer in Windows and then attempting to use IE mode causes a browser crash. 
  • Fixed an issue where websites sometimes don’t load in Application Guard windows after updating Edge.   
  • Improved the reliability of syncing favorites with long names. 
  • Fixed an issue where Collections that are created while sync is off don’t get synced once sync is turned back on. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain encrypted PDFs can’t be opened. 


Changed Behavior: 


  • Fixed an issue where the trackpad gesture to scroll is sometimes interpreted as a right-click on certain devices.  Note that this fix comes with the tradeoff of sometimes dropping the gesture to right-click (which is a two-finger tap by default), which will be fixed in the future.    
  • Fixed an issue where Edge’s update progress reporting in Settings isn’t accurate. 
  • Fixed an issue where swapping between the News and Office New Tab Page contents also resets the layout. 
  • Fixed an issue during the first run experience where clicking cancel when customizing which data types to sync results in those data types still being selected for sync. 
  • Improved messaging on the Sync Settings page for when a particular data type is disabled server-side even though sync in general is enabled and functional. 
  • Fixed an issue where the autoImportAtFirstRun management policy stopped working.   
  • Fixed an issue where certain data types sometimes aren’t imported from another browser properly. 
  • Fixed an issue where websites that are pinned using the Pinning Wizard aren’t pinned properly. 
  • Fixed an issue where clicking certain links in PDFs does nothing. 
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to scroll a webpage by very large amounts sometimes fails. 
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling on a webpage sometimes causes pages to jump to the beginning or end instead of scrolling the expected amount. 
  • Fixed an issue where the identity button has an incorrectly-colored background. 
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where the Translate icon sometimes is not seen in the address bar when it should be. 
  • Fixed an issue where dragging images into a Collection from certain websites fails. 
  • Fixed an issue where adding a page to a Collection sometimes results in the wrong image being used. 
  • Fixed an issue where data and images from certain websites aren’t properly added to Collections. 
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to close a window after downloading a file in an IE mode tab sometimes results in a warning not to close the window due to an in-progress download even though the download already completed. 


Known Issues:


  • The dialog to install a website as an app sometimes doesn’t appear.  In those cases, interacting with the address bar or navigating in the same tab will sometimes bring it up. 
  • Users of certain security software packages will see all tabs fail to load with the error STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. The only way to prevent this behavior is to uninstall that software. We’re currently engaging with the developers of that software to try to find a fix. 
  • After an initial fix for it recently, some users are still experiencing Edge windows becoming all black. UI popups like menus are not affected and opening the Browser Task Manager (keyboard shortcut is shift + esc) and killing the GPU process fixes it.  Note that some of these fixes don’t yet exist in the Stable channel, and the issue only appears to affect users with certain hardware.
  • There are some issues where users with multiple audio output devices sometimes don’t get any sound from Edge. In one case, Edge becomes muted in the Windows Volume Mixer and unmuting it fixes it.  In another, restarting the browser fixes it. 
  • At certain zoom levels, there is a noticeable line between the browser UI and the web contents.


We expect next week to be the final Dev release for version 81.  In the meantime though, thanks for all your suggestions and all the bugs you’ve found! 


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Issue, when after installing this update my Favorites bar had many duplicates.. see photo below.... Also, links that I had set to "show icon only"  were changed to show both, icon and text/label.... Sending an "x-Mr. Smiley" on the issue as well...


Annotation 2020-02-05 143037.jpg



The shortcut for Immersive Reader mode is useful



You asked: "Please let us know how we could better interact with you on the Tech Community forums!"


It would be very nice if when someone asks for a feature and states that for them it is a NECESSARY feature, i.e. without that feature they will NEVER use Edge, someone from the dev team would engage and say whether it will be considered, is being considered, is in development or simply will never happen. I'd be much happier with Microsoft if you'd just tell me the feature I have said I require many, many times over many, many months can't and won't happen than I am being left dangling, reading these threads after every release, trying Edge to see if that feature has appeared after every release, and ending up frustrated and feeling I am wasting my time.


It would also be helpful to you, I would have thought, if you invited users when they request things to distinguish between things they would LIKE and things that to them are NECESSARY (i.e. without which they absolutely will not use the software).

@Dennis5mile we're still trying to track down cases of duplicating favorites, so I'll make sure the sync team is aware.  Also, I guess I assume this is a sync issue, and that you have multiple devices?  

Yes, I do have multiple devices and they all have the same exact links/folders on the fav bar, though one device may have a new link within one of the folders on the fav bar...

And speaking of folders on the fav bar, are we ever going to have the ability to show icon only for folders on the fav bar???


@DavidGB I understand your frustration, I'm a user of my own product, and there are still features that I'm waiting for that make it very difficult to use in the meantime (in my case, I use lots of tabs, so having them squish down to an itty bitty size makes it almost impossible for me to figure out which one I need at any given time).  


The problem is that nobody can give you a definitive answer because there are no definitive answers.  I'm never going to say something will never happen, because never is a long time, and we don't plan on stopping or slowing down development any time soon.  Everything is just a question of priority:  how many users are asking for something, how bad the problem is that needs to be solved, what workarounds there are, how hard is it to deliver, what do our competitors offer, etc.  And in my years on the browser team, I've learned that everybody has that one "killer" feature that they absolutely need, and rarely is it the same as anybody else's killer feature.  


So, as we continue to finish up the features we're working on, we constantly re-evaluate our priorities and decide what to work on next.  And if that comes off as being non-committal, I apologize, that's not the way we want it to seem.  It's just hard for us to say "well, we think we'll be able to get to it in 6 months" when we don't know what other priorities are going to come up in 6 months once our current set has been delivered.  Maybe Google is working on this in Chromium and we'll just get it for free.  Maybe it's actually really hard to implement in Chromium's codebase and we won't know that until we start working on it.  In the meantime, yes, helping us understand why it's important to you does help us, especially when you tell us why it's so necessary, not just that it is.  



This is not limited to this build, but read-aloud causes random text rendering glitches on my system:






I too have seen this rendering glitch, but with the Dark Reader extension. 

@sialivi I'm also seeing this glitch occasionally, but I don't use read-aloud. Worths mentioning that I have uBlock Origin and Dark Reader installed.

@sialivi the visual glitch is completely random and not caused by any user actions, although highlighting the text should fix it (at least until it happens again).  It's caused by an upstream Chromium bug, and we received the fix for it from them earlier this week, so it should make it into the next Dev release.  

@josh_bodner I see Dolby Vision support added, does this mean I can watch Netflix in 4K UHD on my Windows laptop or macOS(with 4K monitor)I

Thanks for the info

@josh_bodner  thanks ,good job on the fix's

@josh_bodner Updating to this build I noticed that the right click menu on my tabs now has a really long string. Disabling extensions, in case those were causing a conflict, does not change it.


Screenshot (79380).png

It appears to be the move tab to new window button.
i also have the same problem problem

Getting rendering issues with fonts even without the reader (on two different machines)

Great update!

"Added a keyboard shortcut to enter Immersive Reader mode" - Finally! Thanks :)

On a sidenote: As earlier requested I've sent a PM to @Allen to change my username. May you be so kind to look into it? May you check if necessary @josh_bodner? Many thanks in advance!

@sialivi I have the same glitches without reading aloud. Reloading a page fixes the glitch.



I understand that it isn't something that was caused by this software specifically, as you said it was chromium. But thought I'd make it known (in case it wasn't) that more recently for myself, highlighting the text does not always fix the visual glitch.