Dev channel update to is live


Hello Insiders!  Today we released build to the Microsoft Edge Dev channel.  We’ve got some new features, many of which you’ve seen over the past week in Canary and have been eagerly waiting for in Dev.  We’ve also fixed quite a few reliability and behavior issues, the most significant of which include: 


New features and behavior: 


  • Added an option to show only the icon for individual favorites on the favorites bar.
  • Added dark theme support for full page screens (Settings, History, etc.)
  • Added more languages that you can display Microsoft Edge in.
  • Added the ability to choose which categories of diagnostic data are sent with feedback.
  • Changed the ability to pin a website to the desktop into the ability to pin a website to the taskbar.
  • Separated the ability to import cards and payment info from certain browsers away from the option to import other autofill data like names and addresses.


Fixes for improved reliability: 


  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a website that’s saved as a favorite by typing its address into the address bar crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the DevTools in an InPrivate window sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting an item from the address bar dropdown sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where signing out of the browser sometimes crashes it.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to sign into the browser sometimes leaves it in a broken state.
  • Fixed a crash when using Read Aloud.
  • Fixed an issue where installation was sometimes failing.


Fixes for improved behavior: 


  • Fixed an issue where some favorites on the favorites bar spontaneously lost their text.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where videos on certain websites don’t cause the video controls to appear on the touch bar.
  • Fixed an issue where searching from the address bar doesn’t work with certain search providers.
  • Fixed an issue where certain context menu items were incorrectly appearing in some DevTools context menus.
  • Fixed some strings that weren’t translated.
  • Fixed an issue where the + button to open new tabs sometimes wasn’t the correct color.
  • Improved drag and drop responsiveness on the Favorites page.
  • Fixed some layout issues on the Extensions page when using certain localized builds.


For those of you who have been trying Microsoft Edge on Windows 7 or 8.1 over the past week, thank you!  And of course, thanks to everybody for being an insider and sending us all of your great feedback and suggestions!   

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@josh_bodner So now that you PiecesOf8

@josh_bodner wrote:


New features and behavior: 

  • Changed the ability to pin a website to the desktop into the ability to pin a website to the taskbar.

Now that this "feature" has been introduced, how does one pin a website to the desktop? Being able to create a shortcut on the desktop was far more useful than being able to pin to the taskbar because the shortcut could be moved to different locations.

Why was the ability to pin a website to the desktop removed? Who asked for it to be removed?

When portuguese brazilian will be available on the ms edge insider?

And pin to Start Menu for us Tablet Mode users is gone as well. @PiecesOf8 

@josh_bodnerI noticed in PWA websites, the Web Push Notification server is still from google, what about the plan to switch push notification to microsoft server. Because in CHINA, the google is banned, and the Push Notification is breakdown.

Be aware that this dev build totally breaks screen reader support across the board in the browser chrome. Only web site content is fine. As soon as you try to go to the address bar, NVDA, JAWS, and probably Narrator, too, will totally get stuck. This is a problem in the dev, Canary, as well as Chrome Canary channels and has been there for way over a week without a fix, but with a bug report in the Chromium issue tracker. So if you're blind and have to use a screen reader, either hold off on updating to this build, or use a different browser until a fix is available.


  • Fixed an issue where searching from the address bar doesn’t work with certain search providers.

Okay so this issue hasn't been fixed yet! Just wanted to let you guys know.

I'm using google as my default search engine and searching for anything in the title bar doesn't show results from google.


@josh_bodner wrote:

New features and behavior: 


  1. Added an option to show only the icon for individual favorites on the favorites bar.
  2. Added more languages that you can display Microsoft Edge in.
  3. Added the ability to choose which categories of diagnostic data are sent with feedback.


  1. Where is this setting? - Looked for it in Settings and the context menu of the favourite bar : EDIT: found it!
  2. Can we see a list of localised languages anywhere :)?
  3. Where is this setting? - Looked for it in Settings > Privacy. Clicking the button for feedback just turns it off entirely. : EDIT: found it! (It's showed when you click "show diagnostic data" when you submit feedback.



@PiecesOf8 wrote:

Now that this "feature" has been introduced, how does one pin a website to the desktop?

Epilsis menu (...) > More tools > Pin to taskbar :)




Thanks for build!


But it crash very often.

Almost every few minutes I get:



Who can confirm?

@PiecesOf8 @josh_bodner 

Agreed. There are two issues here for me:

1. I don't want to clutter my taskbar with pinned sites, but I do want to pin sites to Start or Desktop where I can arrange and group them as I like.

2. When a site is pinned to the taskbar, the site still opens up as a tab in whatever edge window is currently open, and not in its own window associated with the pinned taskbar button! For me, the entire point of pinning a site to start/taskbar is that I can treat it as an independent app, separate from the other browser tabs I may have open. Chrome implements this via its 'Open as window' open when creating a shortcut, and it is literally the only reason I keep Chrome installed - to be able to treat web-apps as desktop apps, and not tabs that get lost amongst all the other stuff I'm browsing.

@dhirensham You can use the feature "Install this Site as an app" in the Apps menu. That will give you a Desktop icon and it opens as a single "program" in the taskbar.

@Rahsna Asurac

Pin to taskbar is not new to this Build.  Has always existed in Edge & before.  It was missing from Edge C and was put in before this Build.  Pin to desktop never did exist, doesn't exist in Edge & was removed from Edge C.  Wasn't a reason or logical rational for it which, is why it never existed in the 1st place.

However, that said, sites pinned to the taskbar should not, also, be listed on Start, simultaneously:exclamation_mark: Said behavior IS happening, now, in both Dev & Canary & needs to be corrected asap:exclamation_mark: Should ONLY be going to the taskbar:exclamation_mark: One made sense, there other didn't.


Not I, Andrew.  So far it is perfectly fine & stable.  Maybe, someone else...

I know, that's no help... well, then again, you can know it's not universal.  I would suggest you uninstall Edge C, grab it anew HERE , reload & see what behavior you have.



One does not want a cluttered desktop, either.  Nor is there any time enough sites would be pinned to the taskbar to clutter it. Pinning is not something that begets clutter; if so, it's being misused.  (And, bonus) One can, actually, see a taskbar whilst working & windows open. 

You're #2:  This is normal, proper behavior. IF the browser window is, already, open a pinned site will add into it.  IF the browser is not, already, open, then the pinned site will (newly) open the browser.  There is nothing wrong or amiss here, the behavior IS correct.  Certainly, it is identical to Edge.  This is the same behavior that, already, exists.  It is not peculiar to Edge C.  It, actually, should be acutely familiar.  Oh, btw, right now, they DO have it going to both places simultaneously, Taskbar & Start, just like you want.  It's not the way Edge works, now, but, it does suit you ;).  Sites do not normally pin themselves to Start.  That should NOT be familiar.  Pinning sites 'permanently' isn't, really, by design... mixing apples & oranges... falls in the Favorites category, treated in that light.  Sites are saved as Favs.  There is a (big) difference betwixt saving & pinning.  Or one pins super-favorites which, should be few.  There is no reason a Win 10 taskbar should become cluttered.  And desktops aren't a storage place.

As an aside, a nice practice is not to have desktop icons showing; there is no need.  What few there are can be accessed via the Desktop toolbar. Can't justify covering a nice desktop. Also, there folks like myself using an Applications window, an example ⬇, @ the taskbar & not using Start, at all. Also, is a snip of Start; might notice the absence of something.  The Dev Update should not be there.  It's from testing Pin to taskbar to see if they had fixed this, yet.  Was doing it before this Build, as well.
Applications window.PNG


Certainly for me personally, the main reason for pinning sites anywhere is to be able to reach them quickly. From the release notes, it appears that one can no longer pin sites to the desktop, but only to the taskbar. Meaning if you have a lot of sites you wish to reach quickly, then you would end up with a cluttered taskbar. Meanwhile, if the sites were pinned to the desktop, they could be rearranged into folders or moved to the start menu to reduce clutter on the desktop if required. 


Regarding #2, I am aware that this is how the original Edge worked as well, and it's also something I've submitted feedback around in the past already. That doesn't mean that the functionality is ideal. More and more services are becoming available purely via the web, rather than as desktop applications. I understand the reason for this trend. But there is still a use case for a website, which one would ideally like to treat as a desktop app, to behave like a desktop app, in that it is distinct from the other browser tabs you may have open. For example, MS Planner has an iPhone and Android app, but no UWP app (a tragedy in itself since MS owns Xamarin). This means from my desktop, I must access it via the browser. It's something that I typically keep open all day, so I don't want it lost between tabs of blogs, stackoverflow, etc. Especially when one frequently cross-references stuff from various browser tabs when working with the web app that you want to isolate. It's a lot easier to alt-tab to a distinct app, compared to hunting for it amidst a bunch of tabs.


Thankfully the functionality that I want is already available in Edge C as per @Urs Wedershoven 's comment (Install this site as an app), so I am happy now.

@PiecesOf8 Pin it to the taskbar, then go to
%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar (source)

and drag the icon to the desktop. 

agree, use pin to desktop regularly. ideally like both options
I don't understand why I am being told this. I just tried to point out to someone else where it was :grinning_face_with_sweat:

@PiecesOf8 You can still drag the address from the address bar to the desktop if you only need a shortcut.