Dev channel update to is live


Greetings insiders! Today we released build to the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel.  Although it’s only been a short time since the last update to the Dev Channel, we still have some fixes and improvements that are notable enough to mention: 


  • Fixed an issue where the whole window sometimes goes blank or black when playing a video.
  • Fixed an issue where certain webpages hang as soon as they load.
  • Fixed an issue where the toggle to sync favorites is disabled even though the master sync toggle is turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where a “Microsoft Edge stopped working” dialog sometimes appears even though Edge is still running.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong account picture is sometimes used when a user signs in with multiple accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where video control popups are cut off if they’re near the edge of the page.
  • Fixed an issue where video control buttons may overlap each other on small videos.
  • Fixed an issue where entries on the history page get cut off when the window is at a narrow width.
  • Increased the height of the rows in the address bar dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue where the first run experience didn’t render properly.


Once again, thank you so much for being an insider and for all the great feedback you’ve been sending us. 



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@David Rubino 



Could you guys look into fixing the bug where if there is media open, edge would display msedge.exe on the volume control? It is kind of annoying and if I hover my mouse over it will stay there even longer...

Annotation 2019-06-04 205902.png

If you don't want to use Windows' media controls to control media content in Edge, you can disable it by going to edge://flags, searching "media", then disabling both "Media Session Service" and "Hardware Media Key Handling".

@VEKTR0 Ah, thanks will try! I think they should have it default.

@Nate wu Yeah, I wish it was disabled by default, but I too had issues with it and had to go in and disable it. Kinda sucks, but easy fix.

@David Rubino 


We use a case management system called Nilex ( in Chrome I can resize columns by dragging the handles, see pic. In Edgium Dev I can not. Isnt this supposed the work the same since its based on Chromium?



Uhm, but it is quite handy while listening to podcasts on YouTube etc. 
To able to use media buttons on your keyboard or mouse, such as Pause, to control the video.

MY problem with it this box is rather that it looks really bad.
Firstly it should not display "msedge.exe" but rather Microsoft Edge, or perhaps even tab-name it has in the Edge browser, for example "Youtube - Podcast".

Secondly, it should have some sort of icon. Again, perhaps tab specific? If you are controlling a YouTube-tab, then put a Youtube-logo there. If possible of course.


Lastly, why the media box reappears when hovering over it is more of a Windows 10 annoyance, than it is an Edge-problem. It has been an annoying function for a very long time now, while using for example Spotify.

@David Rubino 

Any word on notifications? They don't seem to work at all in Edge Dev. The only case I managed to get them to work was in Google Calendar. When enabling notifications for the first time, Calendar sends you a test notification to tell you how they will appear, but it never appears anywhere else.


My guess is that notifications only work when the website listening for the notification is open, which is not how it works in Chrome, where the notification is sent regardless as to whether even a Chrome window is open

Web notifications do require the browser to be open. These are notifications done through a web worker.
Push notifications (service worker) in original Edge do not require the browser to be open. However, I believe Chrome and now new Edge do require the browser to be open in order to have notifications display.
I hope the team fixes that issue, it is one of those simpler said than done sort of things since they need to hook into different plumbing.

@David Rubino 

Ummm...I think new edge should add a cortana lyrics for everyone.


sorry about my terrible English

Does anyone have issues with links not opening with Windows Mail client?


Since the last update to the Dev channel Mail is giving me "Unable to open [url]".  If I change the default browser to Edge (non-insider) I can open links in Mail.  Switching back to Edge Dev the error comes back.

Other than them taking longer than they should to open and once in a while I do have to close and reopen an email to get the link to work, BUT, the open and close to get link to work has happened even with old Edge.... It is something in the windows mail client I'd say as this has been a problem I've dealt with for a long time....


@David Rubino 

  • "Fixed an issue where certain webpages hang as soon as they load."

Using MS CRM Dynamics. When opening a client (or any other type) record, a blank page us displayed until page is manually refreshed (f5 or Ctrl R).

@Chris Love I've noticed that Chrome does only give me YouTube and Gmail notifications when open also. I actually really need to turn off the YT ones as they are really annoying.

Chrome notifications also don't go into Action Centre so don't respect the Quiet Hours setting, I need to check but I assume MS Edge does or will respect that setting on Windows 10 now/soon?

@David Rubino I just got this error.

@David Rubino  video playback on most sites, especially twitter, youtube and Facebook doesn't work consistently for me.  I installed the Dev browser with a fresh install of windows since Edge was giving me so many issues.  The web page crashing and page "hanging"  that I experienced in Edge, have all been repaired.  Now I cannot play videos in Edge Dev.  Videos playback is fine in Chrome and Firefox.  I just cant figure out why they wont play consistently in Edge or Edge Dev.  sometimes refreshing works sometimes it doesn't.  



Monitor RAM and CPU load in resmon at video playback. Try Enchanced-h274fy Extension.


@VEKTR0 wrote:

If you don't want to use Windows' media controls to control media content in Edge, you can disable it by going to edge://flags, searching "media", then disabling both "Media Session Service" and "Hardware Media Key Handling".