Dev channel update to is live


Today we delivered build to the Dev channel. This release chiefly contains changes from Chromium 75, but does contain two notable bug fixes as well:


  • Fixed a crash when viewing a security certificate in F12 developer tools
  • Fixed a crash which prevented the browser from shutting down cleanly after the first time it is run


As always, let us know if you encounter any issues with this build. Thanks for being an insider, and see you next week.



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Built-in VPN would be a nice addition.


Even if it is not a native VPN like Opera offers, a feature to select, activate and deactivate a Windows VPN configuration from within the browser would be useful.

Same here. I updated to today, in the dev channel, but that MHTML flag is still not there.

@David Rubino 

The transition from old to new Edge, is eagerly awaited, and good luck. 

I have experienced 0 % mistakes so far !.

A 100% Edge guy ;).

@David Rubino -- #autoplay policy doesn't seem to be working consistently. I've set it to "Document user activation is required" but still get content playing sound on the page w/o my interaction. It's a mixed bag as some content will play w/o sound but others just crank right through the speakers. Sure will this feature would work as a "mute all;all the time".

@David Rubino 

Recently ran into problem with saved password pulling passwords. Kind think when sight ask to reset  the password when approved etc it wasn't updating existing old file.  I think it was pulling from old Chrome file.  Once I shut it off the password file it corrected the problem.

Edge Devis up to v.152

@David Rubino I've been using Edge Insider (Dev channel) as my daily driver since it went public. I've even disabled Chrome on my Galaxy Note 8 and Tab S2 to allow the syncing between my tablet, phone, Desktop, and Surface Pro.  So far, I haven't run into any issues.  I consider myself, as a the average web browser user.  


Some of the things I've noticed:


Edge seems to start quicker than Chrome

Pages render rather quickly (although I haven't actually timed them).

Edge uses less resources (considerably less), than Chrome, which is one of the more important things, to me at least.

It is stable.  It crashed once or twice when I first started using it, but it's been stable throughout.


Overall, it's been running great and Microsoft is definitely going in the right direction.

Please put in the option to sort favorites by name. I would also like to see the download interface be what it is in IE and Classic Edge and not the one that Chrome has that I have always hated.