Dev channel update to is live


Today we delivered build to the Dev channel. This release chiefly contains changes from Chromium 75, but does contain two notable bug fixes as well:


  • Fixed a crash when viewing a security certificate in F12 developer tools
  • Fixed a crash which prevented the browser from shutting down cleanly after the first time it is run


As always, let us know if you encounter any issues with this build. Thanks for being an insider, and see you next week.



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Edge on Android is crashing after trying to sync favourites to edge insider.
I'm using latest dev version

@David Rubino Hi! Does not switch the interface language to Russian, though added. The selection window is inactive (seen in the screenshot). 

And how can I change the default search engine, for example - on Yandex?

@David Rubino It appears that spell check is functional in this build, which wasn't available in the previous dev build...

No, It's not

@Deleted It's definitely working for me and it was not this morning before the update.

@David Rubino
Does not switch the interface language to Russian

You can't change the language at the moment.


@David Rubino
And how can I change the default search engine, for example - on Yandex?

Add it manually following these steps:

@eakart You can change the default search engine by first browsing to Yandex. It may not be necessary but it has been shown to help set things up if you also do a search from Yandex. Then go to edge://settings/search and pick Yandex as your default search engine.

Annotation 2019-05-02 174625.jpg


@NicolSD Thanks, I found it and made it. But the change of the main interface language does not work.

@eakart We're in early days yet. I doubt they are ready to have more than one language for the interface. You might want to use Mr. Smiley to file a report. The folks at MS may have a different answer for you.

@David Rubino If I have IPVanish enabled, I cannot sign in to sync, and if I'm already signed in, sync shows that it's not working.

Is the ability to sort favorites (bookmarks) on the horizon, or did I miss it in this build?


Bill Byrnes

@David Rubino The default search location of Bing switches to German and it stays that way, no matter if I change it to Netherlands or USA in the settings. This happens on multiple computers I use.

@billbyrnes I can drag them around just fine here.

I noticed it this morning too. I'm using the 64-Bit version.

@David Rubino i hope this one is the bomb

@Deleted I think it's being rolled out gradually. I also found that spellcheck was working on mine today. 


For me also Spell Check is not working and my version is: (Canary).

Just upgraded to Dev Version and favourites are still not syncing.

There's a red "not syncing" notification next to my profile picture, and clicking on that reveals a "Syncing is not available right now. Check your settings and try again." message.

When I check settings, it says "Couldn't connect to the sync server. Retrying..."

This is the second week that sync is busted. My MSA is otherwise working perfectly.

I've tried signing out/signing in, doesn't make a difference. Any ideas?