Dev channel update to is live


Today we released build to the Dev channel. Updates will happen automatically, but if you want to update immediately just go to the Settings and more menu, and choose Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge. This will start an update check automatically.


This build contains a number of improvements which have appeared in Canary throughout the week. Here is the first of what will be weekly change summaries that we will release when the Dev channel updates:


New features and functionality


  • Microsoft Edge Insider Channels will now install to Windows 10 32-bit devices. Just visit from your device and follow the usual installation steps.
  • More natural sounding voices are now available for the Read Aloud feature, and exposed via the JavaScript Speech Synthesis API


Bug fixes and improvements


  • The animated spinner that displays on the About page when checking for updates is no longer scaled improperly
  • After importing favorites from Internet Explorer, the favorites bar folder will be properly named “Favorites bar” instead of “Links”
  • A confirmation prompt will now appear when deleting multiple history items
  • The “Show in folder” option will now work when a download is in the middle of virus scanning
  • Fixed a crash on pressing CTRL+SHIFT+M in inPrivate mode
  • Fixed a poorly rendered animation when viewing “See all cookies and site data” under site permissions
  • Fixed a bug where Microsoft Account credentials were not inherited from Windows 10 until after the first launch

This list is just a first step toward improving our communication about what is changing in the Insider channels. Since our initial release, one message we’ve heard clearly is that you want better communication about these changes. Your feedback has prompted us to investigate the best way to get that information to you on a regular basis. For now you will continue to see this short change summary. You will also see content on the “welcome” page that appears when the Dev channel is updated that highlights new functionality, Microsoft Edge news, and other topics of interest to the community. Meanwhile, we are working toward giving you a more detailed view into what’s happening. If you have thoughts about what you’d like to see, please discuss in this thread. We want to make sure what we deliver will meet your expectations.


Thanks for being a Microsoft Edge Insider, and see you next week.



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Hello @David Rubino,

Thank you for the summary on this version dev :

@David Rubino   Thanks for the summary.  A high-level summary like this is exactly what we need.

@David Rubino 

Sadly, it seems like the syncing issues I started experiencing with 75.0.137 in the Canary ring have made it to the Dev channel now. Both versions are failing to sync at this moment.

Enjoying the dev channel so far, thanks for the communication on the updates. As an existing (non-Chromium) edge fan, the things I value in it are the efficient battery use, the speed of launching, and the oh-so-sweet and buttery smooth scrolling. The reading view is also something I enjoy. I know there are extension for smooth scrolling and they seem to work ok so if that's the solution, it's better than none.


Keep it up, I like what I've been using.

@David Rubino  Thanks for the summary, much appreciated. Look forward to changelogs in the future and in the mean time I will continue providing feedback.

I get rendering problems in some pages if the screen scale is set above 100%.


For instance this is a page that renders correctly in the old Edge:

2019-04-26 (1).png


And this is how it renders in the new Chromium-based Edge:2019-04-26.png




Thank you very much for the fast paced development of this browser. It's almost become my go to browser on my SB and SGo. What's got me tied to the original Edge browser is the reading list feature and the ink annotation. Just wondering if you plan on bringing those in the near future. Kudos!

@David Rubino -- Great move! Please do the same for Canary.

@NicolSD We'd absolutely love too but right now we are still trying to figure out what makes the most sense. Trust me when I say this group will be the first to know once we figure out a solution one way or another.

@David RubinoSyncing between devices are great. I'm still using Windows 10 Mobile and using Microsoft Edge as my default browser. I thought microsoft kill this feature on the Windows 10 Mobile's Microsoft Edge, but it still working great. The history and sometimes autofill are syncing between my devices. 

@David Rubino First of all I'm genuinely surprised by the changelogs and the communication, it's easy to know what changed, what to test and what to look forward to


The newly added more natural narrator voices are great, I'll be using Jessa24k daily from now on. The only weird thing I noticed that the narrator takes too long break on higher speed settings after every sentence. Also it would be great if you'd enable the "Read Aloud" even for input boxes, so one could listen to what he/she wrote.

My most wished feature: A similar 0 interface mode similar to the full screen mode (F11) but instead one that doesn't fill your whole screen so basically a windowed mode without UI or borders (Possible shortcut: Ctrl+F11). Attached a not perfect but still great solution example that can be found in Vivaldi Browser.Example of limited interface mode in VivaldiExample of limited interface mode in Vivaldi


Thank you, afterall a changelog is available

@David Rubino 


Thanks for the Build annoucement 'letter'.  I am accustomed to these with Win10 IBs & it's great to have them for this, as well.  Had checked and updated Dev to 139 & Canary to 141.  Will have more time with them asap, but, yes, immedialey found a couple of good things from Canary, now, in Dev; :thumbs_up::thumbs_up: to that.  Things I & others, were anxious to have in Dev.

BTW, discovered one cannot upgrade both Dev & Canary simultaneously. A wee FYI.


Thanks for the resume :) I'm so happy with this new build, hope to get the beta edge soon, i'm so excited with this new project.

@xKeiro  The Ctrl+F11 feature in Vivaldi is pretty neat.  Here is one way of opening the current site in its own window with no tabs or address bar: 3 dots ->Apps->Install [site] - note that this doesn't "install" anything, it just adds a shortcut - I made a suggestion to rename it as it is confusing:

The added advantage is that the shortcut is searchable in the start menu.

@David Rubino 


Hi, Please add more controllability for picture in picture mode like to Opera browser!  



Not sure if this was mentioned before. Muting multiple tabs "Mute Site" disappeared in the previous Dev build.

How to add IDM extension to Dev channel from MS store as I add IDM extension from store to Microsoft Edge?

Rekeep it upally impressed with the improvements to Edge Dev...........@David Rubino