Dev Channel update to 111.0.1660.6 is live


Hello Insiders! Today, we are releasing build 111.0.1660.6 to the Dev channel for Windows and 111.0.1660.4 for macOS, which includes the new Bing copilot. For more details about the Bing copilot, check the blog post below.


Reinventing search with a new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge, your copilot for the web - The Off...


Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.

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I also lost the always open favorites in a new tab setting.

Feature request: Edge contains functionality to enable Dark Mode for websites, via a flag. Would be great if this could be enabled via Settings, and with the possibility to specify to which websites/domains it should be applied.
Much appreciated. New design is literal crap. and how to disable that big B bing icon on the upper right. Any way to do that..?!
New design is really worst. give us option to disable that big BIng button in toolbar which is wasting space. old design was much more minimalistic. and those floating borders looks annoying on dark mode website.
I've been using Edge since it accidentally was leak on the web, long before it's official release. I really liked it. I've recommended it to friends and colleagues over the years.

But right now, it's not the lean, mean and clean browser it was. Now, it's bogged down with so many useless features. And you guys keep piling them on. Shopping, "buy now, pay later", cite, math solver, web capture, web select, rewards, games... They just keep on coming. The latest "bing button" that can't be turned off is the latest. Just let us have a normal, uncluttered browser in peace, yes?

I've come to appreciate some functionality, such as built in ad blocker and sleeping tabs. They're great. But everything else... come on. I can't recommend this browser anymore, and I've moved on to Brave.

Edge is indeed showing quite a bit of bloat now. And Brave is indeed a genuinely nice browser. However, it has shortcomings vs Edge. Compiled the following notes about that some months ago.


Brave has much less smooth scrolling of web pages than Edge (I use a Logitech mouse which enhances scrolling, but Brave is not supported apparently). Smooth scrolling is important when you read a lot on the web. And Edge scrolls pdf-files very smoothly too.
Brave does not save Tab Groups when closing the browser. In Edge, you store Tab Groups permanently in a Tab Collection. When you open a Collection, all the tabs that were saved in it open. Edge Collections also synchronize with mobile devices.
Brave has no way to add all open tabs to a Tab Group at once. Edge does.
Brave does not have a send-tab-to-phone (and Brave Mobile does not have a send-tab-to-computer). Edge does.
Brave does not support universal password manager. Edge has built-in Microsoft Authenticator (for logins, 2FA codes).

Because Brave Mobile does not support the Android Autofill Provider API, website logins cannot automatically come from your password manager set in Android Settings (e.g. Microsoft Authenticator). (Brave stores passwords on Brave's servers).
Brave Desktop does not put idle tabs to sleep (consumes less CPU). Edge does.


Brave does not have a "Display Icon Only" for Favorites on the Favorites Toolbar. (One must manually delete the name of the favorite, which is not desirable).
Brave Desktop does not have a built-in "readability" function for a "decluttered" display of web pages. Edge does.
Brave Mobile does not synchronize settings 100% between computer and mobile.
Brave Desktop does not have a built-in PDF viewer. Edge does.
Brave does not have a built-in webpage screenshot tool. Edge has "web capture", so you can save a (part of) page as JPEG.
Brave does not support "legacy Internet Explorer" websites. Edge has an "Internet Explorer Compatibility" mode.
And some other little things.

Gracias por la información, sabes como poder abrir los favoritos de nuevo en nueva pestaña? gracias

@jateruy you can disable them via: 


It just moved to the left side, besides the tabs
I think most of the comments are just rude and absolutely uncalled for. This is the Dev-Channel, breaking changes and innovation is expected. Innovation needs bold decisions and iterations. And it needs constructive feedback:
I find the new style very irritating and it takes up a lot of space in its current form, especially on smaller screens/lower resolutions. It also can clash with some website colors/designs.
Sabéis como poder abrir los favoritos de nuevo, en nueva pestaña? gracias


People asked you for years to remove the bloody Profile icon when they only had one active profile to choose from. You ignored them.


You added this ridiculous, unremovable Discover Bing button that sends Bing information about the page I am browsing as soon as its moused over, regardless of the privacy settings I have enabled, and now the Profile button is magically gone, because it doesn't fit on my screen anymore.

  1. lol. lmao even.
  2. Give us the option to permanently remove both from the toolbar.

That's the 2nd release in a row - that it is once again the top reply to your release notes. 3rd strike, you're out, I will dump the browser entirely and just go back to Chrome. It's the absolutely tone deaf combination of this stupid button magically making the profile button disappear that I thought was oh so necessary that was the straw that finally broke the camel's back.


oh, oh it gets even better? Why is there a ridiculous rounded border taking up 20 pixels around every tab?! The profile icon is still here, it's just way on the left now?!


HAHAHAHA. Fix it. Nobody wants these things.


@the5ilence no, these changes are offensive and absolutely uncalled for. This type of UI/UX design is exactly the kind of thing that calls for this kind of user feedback, because being nice about it is ignored, and being nasty about it is probably ignored too, but the latter is more likely to get their attention.




@abdelfattah How often have you thought to yourself after you have created something "Thank you for being really nasty about this, this helped me more than constructive criticism"?
The current changes are only live a few days - how did "being nice" get ignored, when they didn't even have time to react? I've not once in my life experienced a problem that was solved by being nasty - except for people being angry and needing a valve to vent their anger without thinking about there being a human being at the other end.
- broke "open favorite in new tab"
- wasted space with useless border
- WTH is the ugly, unwanted and non-removable blue icon?
- where did profile switcher go?
- STOP CHANGING MY SETTINGS WITH UPDATES!!! the concept of new stuff is nice, but don't turn it on by default. Give me option to discover it when I can. I still use compter as a tool, a means to an end, all this clutter is unwanted.

Guys, really missed the boat with this update; who put in these requests? Feels like someone let marketing in the room and they demanded it to be prettier and make sure to shove Bing down their throats.
@jateruy, thank you for the flags. The last one (edge://flags#edge-visual-rejuv-rounded-tabs) I didn't disable as there was a note there to turn it off in settings which I did and left feedback.
The unwanted Bing "Copilot" is still there in the way, big ugly and disruptive. Did I miss a flag that turns that off?

@the5ilence 1. Consider the possibility that I'm not actually being nasty. 2. When I've screwed up like this, and received genuinely nasty feedback: real put down, personal insult kind of stuff, I appreciated it. I was still angry at the person for being nasty, but it was up front and did not mince words. I grew.


The people who post feedback for Dev or Canary builds are likely the "tech savvy" people that helped convince a ton of other people "Edge isn't so bad, you should check it out."


I won't be doing any of that if it's bloated and invasive out of the box. An undisable-able, unremovable "feature" that immediately and instantly sends telemetry when you accidentally hover over it is worthy of outrage. Especially if it's so poorly implemented as to crash your browser if you close a tab with it still open.


Extra whitespace/padding isn't universally worthy of outrage, but I'll still complain about it.

FYI, just noticed that the Split Screen option, previously only present in Edge Canary, is now also available in Edge Dev, via this flag:

  • edge://flags/#edge-split-screen

When enabled, you will see a Split Screen icon in the Toolbar.

Read more about this feature here:










While almost everyone here seems to be disliking the "Edge Copilot" Button, I can't even see it, it never showed up for me after updating to 111.0.1660.6 and even to 111.0.1660.9. Does anyone have an idea on what could cause this issue?