Dev Channel update to 111.0.1660.6 is live


Hello Insiders! Today, we are releasing build 111.0.1660.6 to the Dev channel for Windows and 111.0.1660.4 for macOS, which includes the new Bing copilot. For more details about the Bing copilot, check the blog post below.


Reinventing search with a new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge, your copilot for the web - The Off...


Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.

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Please make that gigantic button that doesn't match any of the other iconography optional, as well as the weird and flow-breaking thick window borders.
There appears to be an issue (macOS here) where when hovering on the Bing Copilot button the menu of buttons appears, like it did with Discover, but none of them do anything if clicked. The way to make it disappear is to go into Settings and turn the sidebar on and off - but this can also cause the application to crash.

You've made that incongruous button even worse and still not removable.  Rounded corners on the webpages itself is also a really questionable decision that should be optional.  If this is Edge's future then I may have to switch to something else.

I don't get it.
Every day this things gets more cluttered, inconsistent and ridiculous.

This floating page thick border style looks ridiculous and out of place, and you've now made the non-removable button evern worse! :(
Hey how do we disable this new floating web page style? I don't like to waste 20+ useful pixels all sides around for nothing. Thanks.
What has happened to the Profile switching icon?

In work scenarios we use this consantly!

Please tell me this is a bug!
WTF is this? An unnecessary round border around the content, the tabs are a complete mess, and don't get me started on that non-removable Bing-button. I'm giving you guys 1 build to undo this mess and if not I'm done with Edge.

Alright for all of us who's looking for the fix:



Disable the above three flags and restart Edge.

Experimental or not, I don't think these new visual changes are in anywhere near a good direction to create a better UX. Wasting space for UI eye candy is never a good thing. The profile switcher was in a logical location now it takes over the vertical tap options button, makes no logical sense to have it in the title bar and very bad for existing users' muscle memory. Last but not least the uni-color rounded tabs design is an absolute disaster for distinguishing the active tab. Hopefully you guys could take more serious considerations when designing future UX changes.

Look on the left side now.
This new design is horrible. I find the border around the screen very distracting.
And why are Favorites no longer opening in a new tab??
The rounded corners and the border are now gone. Thank you!
The new version looks disgusting. Or, maybe I'm simply too stupid to understand the thought process behind this "redesign". I don't even know why I'm suprised, to be honest, looks like adding bloat (even visually) is a new trend.

Edge used to be so nice, fast, clean, a breath of fresh air (as much as a browser can be these days).

You want to grab a bigger market share? Start removing all the bloat that has been added in the past year or so. Hire a few good UI/UX designers who actually know what they're doing.

If this gets pushed to the stable, I'm done.

Rounded Tabs and an unpinned Vertical Tab pane do not coexist well. The unpinned pane has square corners, so when you hover over the tabs, before the pane opens, it is re-drawn with rounded corners, causing a flicker effect, which is distracting.
It is relocated to the top left of the title bar area due to the edge-minimal-toolbar flag.
Out of curiosity, are you still running Windows 10? I wonder if this isn't an attempt at "harmonizing" Edge with Windows 11. It just feels like Microsoft is chasing the Mac interface design.

I'll have to echo what everyone else is already saying. The rounded cornering of the website page inside the window is distracting and makes the browser look whack with the white space between the browser window and the webpage frame. Revert that now.

also, I get that the chat bubble bing logo is where bing/chatgpt will land, but that is also distracting. There should be a way to hide it. we all know that if we're going to be using bing/chatgpt/ai, it should show up in the text box dropdown that starts showing suggestions as we type in the URL/Search text box (ask bing ai in that drop down list or whatever). probably more annoying that the feature isn't even active yet.

Also, if you leave the discover side bar pane open and close a tab, it crashes the browser.

The new design looks good, it only needs adjustments, for example they should not remove space on the sides, just round the corners, so as not to alter the use of the scroll bar, it is a version under development and I think the browser should not have a design foreign to the operating system.

Please put a pointless 10-Pixel-Frame around websites in my browser so there is less space for the content itself.

Said noone, ever


@Eric_E I agreed with the other replies that there are a lot of wasted space in the new UI design. Those few pixels that border almost all elements when add up together make the actual web page content quite small compared to previous versions. Not to mention that the new profile icon location is quite unintuitive. 


The discover icon/button is very annoying and quite distracting for productivity.