Dev Channel update to 109.0.1495.2 is live


Edit: I added Fixed unable to open local files when an instance of the browser is already running under changed behavior and updated the post to reflect the new build number.


Hello Insiders! Today, we are releasing build 109.0.1495.2 to the Dev channel. Here are the highlights of this build below.


We want your input and thoughts on the Microsoft Edge Insider Program with a short (2 – 3 minutes) Semiannual Edge Insider Survey: November 2022.  All our surveys are anonymous, voluntary, and secure.



Added features:  

  • Android:
    • Added an option to remove Edge Featured top site.
  • iOS:
    • Immersive New Tab Page is now available.
  • WebView2:
    • Added Crash Reporting API.
    • Added Experimental Profile deletion interface.
  • Enterprise: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
    • Four new policies:
      • WebHidAllowAllDevicesForUrls - automatically grants access for any device to a list of origins specified by the policy.
      • WebHidAllowDevicesForUrls - grants access for devices with vendor and product IDs matching the patterns specified by the policy.
      • WebHidAllowDevicesWithHidUsagesForUrls - grants access for devices containing top-level collections with HID usages matching the patterns specified by the policy.
      • MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled - Enable use of Microsoft Root Store over platform roots.
    • Replaced ExemptDomainFileTypePairsFromFileTypeDownloadWarnings Policy with ExemptFileTypeDownloadWarnings.


Improved reliability:  

  • Fixed the browser crash when clicking the Show Sidebar option while an InPrivate window is opened.
  • Fixed a browser crash related to Tracking Prevention.
  • Fixed browser crash related to downloading updates.
  • Fixed browser crash when a PDF print is triggered from the PDF toolbar or context menu.
  • Fixed a crash related to Recommended Version update.
  • macOS:
    • Fixed freezing issue when a tab is dragged from one window into another.
  • WebView2:
    • Fixed a crash issue related to suspend memory.
    • Fixed a hang issue related to ConnectToBrowserWindow call.
    • Fixed CoreWebView2EnvironmentOptions.IsCustomCrashReportingEnabled throws System.NullReferenceException (#2895).
    • Fixed WPF Browser .Net apps throw Win32 exception.
    • Fixed UWP crashes on start.
  • Android:
    • Fixed browser crash when enabling Bold text in the Android setting.
    • Fixed crash related to Autofill Dropdown.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed browser crash when tapping on Visit Copied Link from the address bar.
    • Fixed the browser crash when trying to upload a file with configured App Protection policy.


Changed behavior: 

  • Fixed unable to open local files when an instance of the browser is already running.
  • Fixed Find on Page issue not scrolling to the first highlighted match term.
  • Fixed Edge bar Search bar not scaling correctly when it’s on Search only layout.
  • We disabled Web App recovery due to crashes.
  • Fixed a Sidebar issue when removing a 3rd party site.
  • Fixed blank print preview when pressing CTRL + P in PDF viewer.
  • Fixed kiosk printing issue with multiple large PDF print jobs.
  • Fixed the Close Workspace Sharing Pane button not working.
  • Fixed Missing address issue when auto-filling credit card info.
  • Fixed the screen recording issue using the submit feedback dialog's Record my problem feature.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed influenced ads from being displayed on other sites when a website is added to the Ad blocker exception list.
    • Fixed Require FaceID or Passcode option not working with passcode.
    • Fixed Translator pop-up prompt not displaying.
    • Fixed autofill not responding.
    • Fixed Tracking prevention UI becoming full screen and unable to be closed.
    • Fixed the browser showing a New Tab Page after a crash with the HideRestoreDialogEnable policy enabled and configured RestoreOnStartupURL.
  • Enterprise: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
    • Policy sidebar_search.disable_search_in_sidebar will now just have 'Search the web for' and not ‘Search in sidebar for’ in the context menu when set.
    • Remove support for SetTimeoutWithout1MsClampEnabled policy.



Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.


Update (11/16): The Dev build is taking longer than expected to roll out. I will let everyone knows when it's out.

Update (11/17): We added a fix to the Dev build and released 109.0.1495.2 instead of 109.0.1495.1. 

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Update: The Dev build is taking longer than expected to roll out. I will let everyone knows when it's out.
Update: We released Dev build 109.0.1495.2.



In the Top Feedback page, posted on August 16th, this was mentioned:

  • "...Lastly, while it is not on this list, we briefly mentioned in the past about the huge context menu and Settings and more (…) lists. We have been working on those changes and have updates to share soon!"


It is now mid-November... Any news on this? Thank you.

@Eric_E After the Update to 109.0.1495.2 the "What is new" Page ( crashes reliably after 2 seconds. The reported error ist: Error code: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

This also happens after restart and in private mode without extensions.

@Eric_E I installed the latest version to see a message saying something like "We are synching your devices". I've persistently responded "no" when offered this service - because I want a different environment on all my devices.


The result of the synch is that my tabs got re-sequenced (how does a synch do that as I don't have those tabs on my other devices?) and I've lost a whole load of links - shouldn't I be seeing a superset of what I had before? I've unchecked all the options on the synch settings but it's too late to prevent data loss.



Thanks for reporting this. Are you also getting STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION on other web pages or just on the What is new page?
I'm sorry to hear that, Andy. If you haven't already, I would like you to submit feedback from the browser so our engineers can investigate this.
Sorry, I don't have additional news about customizing the menu and size. If you are talking about the issue where the context menu becomes enlarged with blank spaces, the engineers are still working on that.

@Eric_E Hi!

I'm also getting it on some other subpages of
But I've not encountered it on any other domains so far.

I'm unable to reproduce the issue. If you haven't already, I would like you to submit feedback from the browser after seeing the error message so our engineers can diagnose this.
I've submitted the feedback including diagnostic data today.

where can I find Information about how to add own Enterprise CAs, SubCAs to MicrosoftRootStore of Edge when the MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled Feature is turned on?

I currently have to add several CAs to the Windows 10 Certificate Store, as I understand in future Versions of Edge I would have to add them to the internal Edge MicrosoftRootStore too. How to do this automated during deployment? Where can I find documentation about this? On this page I can only find the timeline of Edge v109 to Edge v111 and the Policy itself but no link to details.

Hi @Gunnar Haslinger 

I don't know when they will update the documentation for this policy, but once they do, it will have the necessary information you are looking for.

Thanks @Eric_E for your reply.

but what's missing is not the Policy-Documentation (this is a simple on/off policy - so the documentation is fine) but the Information about how to add own Enterprise CAs, SubCAs to MicrosoftRootStore of Edge. In this announcement Microsoft  tells us:


Microsoft recommends that enterprises that have break-and-inspect proxies or other scenarios involving TLS server certificates issued by roots not in the Microsoft CTL to proactively test with the policy enabled in Microsoft Edge 109 and report any compatibility issues to Microsoft.


OK. So where to report? We cannot start the test because Information on how to configure this is missing. Please update / add Information to the announcement and provide documentation.


This move to block using OS cert store in Edge starting 111 is really weird. In Enterpises there is very common that we have internal PKI. We can distribute those CA certs via AD GPO, via Intune CSP , - in such case certs are PUT to OS certstore. Even Mozilla Firefox got finally ability to use Windows store(and we are using this option). And now - dear MS - Edge not able to use Windows store? Do we understand it wrongly?
As i understand 111 should launch in mid feb 2023 - this is almost soon.

@Andres Pae yes, I think you understand it wrong.

And I think the article is written misleading.


There is this small sentence which should get your attention:


In addition to trusting the built-in roots that ship with Microsoft Edge, the browser will also query the underlying platform for—and trust—locally installed roots that users and/or enterprises installed.


so in fact nothing seems to change for Enterprise-CAs deployed to Windows-OS-CertStore.


See this Blog-Post here, which is written much clearer than the official documentation:

This blog is written by who is working at MSFT/Edge

I read this small sentence several times forth and back and was even more confused. But - thanks - Your link explains it indeed much better than official page.