Dev channel update to 107.0.1379.1 is now live!



Hello again insiders, earlier this week we released the newest build to the Dev channel. We have added new features, fixed current issues, and improved reliability. We have also changed the behavior of other items as well, as we do weekly. 


Added Features: 

  • Updated the default profile icon to be consistent on all platforms  

Improved reliability: 

  • Improved smoothness of the video player when rotating the screen or tapping the full screen icon on Android  
  • Improved the UI of the overflow menu on Android  
  • Improved voice over on iOS when switching accounts 
  • Improved voice over headers for the iOS overflow menu  
  • Improved sign in flow on Android  
  • Improved the Narrator announcements of predicted text  

Changed behavior:   

  • Enabled Microsoft Rewards in India  
  • Enabled the new SmartScreen client on macOS 
  • Fixed an issue where the keypad overlapped the screen in landscape mode on Android  
  • Fixed various crashes  
  • Fixed contextual search setting on Android  
  • Fixed an issue when using Read Aloud after translating  
  • Fixed a crash on iOS 

Thank you all again for helping us with versions for 107, we could not do it without you. More updates are coming soon and thank you for all the feedback to make things better. 

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Great and thank you for sharing
Thank you for being kind as usual! Have a great day.