Dev channel update to 106.0.1356.0 is now live!



Hello insiders, we are releasing the newest build to the Dev channel. We have added features, fixed issues, improved reliability, and changed the behavior of other items as well. We have a small number of things to report this week. Stay tuned for more updates next week. 


Added features:   

  • iOS will now stop Read Aloud when a user clicks on a link in Reading mode  

Improved reliability: 

  • Improved browser launch on iOS

Changed behavior:   

  • Improved the UX of the toolbar in Read Aloud for two-screened Android devices 




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Feedback about the release page Finnish translation

The text says at the end of the second paragraph.

napsauta alla olevaa Muuta yhteenvetoa tarkistaaksesi viestin.

"Muuta yhteenvetoa" is in bold and refers to the button below the text.

The button says YHTEENVETO MUUTOKSISTA which is correct. "Muuta yhteenvetoa"
obviously does not match the button text, but it is also incorrect language
in this context: It reads like an imperative "change the summary!" while
the intention obviously is "change summary" in the sense of a text summarizing
the changes. English can use the exact same words for both purposes, Finnish
does not.

Otherwise the translation is fairly good. Some odd word choices, but they
do not affect the meaning.


That laggy password section still not fixed...?! why..?! only Edge has this issue.. All other browsers are fine..
Still nothing about slow launch and new tab opening. Also, Facebook scripting manages to take down the whole system, not just the browser for a good 6 weeks. Have submitted feedback many times but it's not getting any better.
Thank you for sharing
Thank you for always being kind.
I will look into that; I am sorry you are having those issues.
I will ask the powers that be where we are with that issue.
Thank you for the feedback, I will pass that along.
Also having problems with FB. Very frequently "Not responding" for up to a minute. Sometimes FB pages are auto-scrolling randomly.
Facebook's script is poorly written & way buggy. Has been for years. But it's really alarming that it's able to hose Edge *AND* the OS (probably by blowing up DWM & the VMM). The OS should smite Edge for shenanigans before letting it topple the OS.
Password importation via "edge://settings/profiles/importBrowsingData" or "edge://settings/passwords" from a .csv file is not working in 106.0.1363.0, after 4 flights of Edge Dev upgrade.