Dev channel update to 105.0.1329.1 is now live!



Hello insiders, we are releasing a new build to the Dev channel. We have added more improvements to old features, improved reliability, and changed the behavior of more things this week.  


Check out the latest content from the team: 


Disk caching in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge Blog ( 


Added features:   

  • Added a button in the PDF toolbar to share documents.  
  • Added a mute indicator on tabs when the browser is muted in the volume mixer 

Improved reliability:   

  • Updated max URL length in the side pane for visual search  
  • We added an "always enforce" list to Enhanced Security mode 
  • Improved iOS Feedback prompt to notify when connection is blocking the ability to send feedback 

Changed behavior:  


  • Fixed a crash when getting the page count in print preview  
  • Fixed the downloads toolbar icon disappearing after a download started and the flyout was closed 
  • Fixed the blank space in the Guest mode indicator 
  • Fixed a crash on iOS when closing tabs while Read Aloud is active  
  • Fixed a crash when restoring tabs from a previously closed window 
  • Fixed a crash when adding a Favorites folder on iOS 
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Reward was not displaying in Settings on mobile 


Thank you for helping us improve version 105, we really could not do it without you. Stay tuned for more new releases next week! 

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Edge Canary 105.0.1336.0 Another ssshit update. Edge not works. Crash immediately after start.




When Sleeping Tabs are "faded" (by turning on "Fade sleeping tabs" in Edge's Settings), and with Edge set to a Dark overall appearance, the font color used for the Titles of sleeping tabs becomes unreadably dark. Please adjust the contrast to a better readability.


(Note: temporary workaround: turn off the "Fade sleeping tabs" setting).


too dark font used on faded sleeping tabstoo dark font used on faded sleeping tabs

ECH does not pass the test
No matter how to set it, it can't pass the ECH test. Does Edge support ECH encryption?