Dev channel update to 105.0.1321.0 is now live!



Hello insiders, we are releasing a new build to the Dev channel. We have added more new and improved features, reliability, and changed the behavior of other items.  


Check out the latest content from the DevTools team:  

DevTools Command Palette now available for testing in Canary channels - Microsoft Tech Community


Added features:   

  • Added language region information to the offline voices for iOS  
  • Added the “x” close button to the Share pane  
  • Added in a notification when users try to Share a PDF larger than 25MB  
  • Added a tooltip for MicroFeedback (thumbs up/thumbs down icons) in settings 

Improved reliability:   

  • Improved Edge Cloud Control Platform for Android and iOS  
  • Improvements for Android Read aloud  
  • Improved tooltips on the mini menu 
  • Improved Designer hub behavior to properly open and close on macOS  
  • Improved the tabs' view for iOS  
  • Improved accessibility by adding announcements for the translate and cancel buttons on translate pane in Immersive Reader for mobile  
  • Improved drag/drop functionality  
  • Improved features for Autofill  
  • Ensured YouTube will load when clicking on the Windows notification 

 Changed behavior:   

  • Fixed iOS app popup menu  
  • Fixed issue where icon styling was making doc icons appear as circles  
  • Changed the behavior when closing out of a text-note window on PDFs to focus back on the note highlight  
  • Optimized mobile notification requests  
  • Fixed a visual issue where the optional diagnostics box did not appear unchecked on Android   
  • Completed changes for the Digital Signature icon on toolbar for Microsoft Browser  
  • Fixed saved passwords from re-organizing after searching for a password on iOS  
  • Fixed the issue were clicking on Windows notifications from a website does not open that website 
  • Fixed an issue were Read Aloud does not start 
  • Updated announcement phrase for the InfoBar after updating cookie settings 
  • Selecting Customize toolbar from the toolbar’s right-click menu will land users directly on the Customize toolbar section in Settings  


Thanks again for helping get us to version 105, we could not do it without you!  


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There seems to be a bug preventing from using Edge.

Whenever I fill a form, microsoft provides saved form-data.

When i click on any of the provided option for auto-filling the form, the browser closes or exits.

Since its the graduation yer, I need to fill lots of forms and this issue seems to bug me a lot.

MS Edge on linux.



It looks like the themes when using dark system mode (or dark mode in general) are completely broken. The url bar is shown pitch black whereas the theme I am using (morning fog) is completely the opposite. Also in the url bar, the edge icon and main url are white, but that doesn't go well with the themes in general, because they have white background and are now hidden...


Normal view:



When clicking or hovering over the url bar:


Yep, i send them several crash reports, it was in previous version too
I tried to disable it, but failed, it still pops up. When you don't interact with it in any way, not even mouse over, it usually does not crash
@MissyQ Alas, the "stuttering scrolling in pdf files" issue is back in this latest release of Edge Dev. See my previous bug reports about this for more info. (Edge Stable and Edge Beta do not have the issue, scrolling pdf files is smooth there).

@LisaS Notification chips are still red and it has been like that since many builds.




I am looking into this issue, thank you for the reply.
Thank you, Paul. I will follow up with the team! Super appreciate your diligence. :3



I have the sidebar option turned on but it does not show up.  Has it been disabled?

@LisaS many sites "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION "  for example , and more...

Thank you for sharing
Thank you for the response, I will look into this and let you know.

which distro you use?


On Fedora all is fine...

Can you tell me the version number of your browser please?
Can you tell me exactly which setting you turned on, and which sidebar you expected please?

@LisaS The version number is " 105.0.1321.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit) " . Thank you !

@LisaS There is a bug in the notifications system. 

It's working on Edge 103, but not on 105.0.1321.

In order to reproduce, please go to this page (not mine) :
Click on button "EXAMPLE NOTIFICATION", a Windows notification shows up. Then click on that notification.

The result: a new tab opens with an URL that comes from "outer space". It is probably not even a valid URL syntax.

I have very similar behaviour in my application. However, wanted to show that there are other public sites having the same issue.

In my case also, the event listener "notificationclick" registered by the service worker is not being called.


Please look into it. Regards Jörg

I have reached out to developers and was asked if you could submit in-app feedback if possible. That way the systems are in place to correlate crashes, or possible enough data to manually find the bug before those systems take action. Thank you for your help.

@LisaS Thank you for the suggestion ! I will send these data as it is.