Dev channel update to 105.0.1300.0 is now live!



Hello insiders, we are releasing new builds to the Dev channel. We have added more improvements to old features, improved reliability, and changed the behavior of more things this week. Tomorrow the Beta channel will also see Edge 104 graduating into it! 


 Check out the latest content from the team: 



Added features:   


  • Added a button in the PDF toolbar to share documents.  
  • Added new policies by improving trending searches in Microsoft Edge  


Improved reliability:   


  • Improved efficiency mode strings and its feature settings 
  • Improved the phrasing in the sleeping tabs policy to be clearer when it is off/on. 
  • Improved keyboard UX on Android 
  • Improved the Print dialog’s Options announcements for screen readers. 
  • Improved Android to remove the mask of the entire article after starting Read aloud and now use assorted color schemes for highlights under different themes  
  • Improved trending searches in Microsoft Edge  


Changed behavior:   


  • Fixed an animation error on the mobile sync settings page  
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on the search box above top sites on mobile.  


Thanks for helping us get to Edge 105, we could not do it without you! 

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You know, it astonishes me how week after week you manage to come up with new feature after new feature ... with absolutely none of them being of any use or interest to me whatsoever. But in all this time you've not done a single thing to improve the UI for users with a lot of extensions since the good old UI was trashed when it was replaced by the extensions button and dropdown, which is dreadful when one has 20 or 30 extensions installed. If you'd only allow the extensions in the extensions button dropdown to be re-ordered by the user, it wouldn't be anything like as good as the old UI for extensions not on the toolbar, but it would just about make Edge usable for me. But I'm sure you've got 20 more useless features to add instead.


Alas, the stuttering-scrolling issue for PDF-files is not yet solved in this new Edge Dev 105. Edge Stable and Edge Beta 103 fortunately do not have this issue, scrolling through a PDF is still smooth there.

I do hope that the upcoming Edge Beta 104 does not inherit the stuttering scrolling of Edge Dev/Canary...

Bring back ePub support.
Having some basic modification for PDF like split or merge PDF pages would be nice in upcoming version of Microsoft Edge.
Hi, awesome improvements. But... All my profiles disappeared. This by design this update or? Was Starting it after the update I was presented with a Welcome wizard and was asked to logon to sync. Went through that and discovered that all profiles was gone. Anyway to get them back?

@Paul_VC Yeah, they are still digging into the situation, and I have no updates right now. Beta is currently delayed as it is, we're hoping it will go out today. Once you see it updated, please test it out for me again and submit feedback once more if it's still a problem. This will give us updated diagnostics and I can go back to the team banging more doldrums. :)


Missy Quarry (she/they)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge
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If you have a support issue, it's best to post a new thread here so that the team can review. Thanks for understanding!

Will do. Sincerely hope that Beta will not inherit Dev/Canary pdf-scroll-issue. Fingers crossed.

Performance has gone backwards in this for me. Netflix/Youtube black screens and stuttering. Slow tabs, crashing.


Hi all,

What about rss feeds in Microsoft Edge?

@LisaS Having a ton of trouble lately with Resume from update, reboot etc.  I posted a bug report with a video illustrating at least one of the issues as well.  Posting here (and will post on a next release blog, since this one is a bit old now) to see if others are having the same trouble.


  1. The first issue is just on basic resume.  The browser seems to have started to randomly forget where I had tabs and is moving them to other windows after restore.  This in particular is displayed prevalantly with pinned tabs and those in groups.  The pinned tabs seem to open in random browser windows as do the groups.  The pinned tabs I can move to another window and they will stay there until the next update, when they may or may not move again.  The groups however I can not move.  They 'lock up' the browser which leads to issue number 2.
  2. Here I'm trying to drag a group out of the incorrect window and into a new one.  I can right click and export to a new window which works, but it makes a new window for each group.  Not what I want.  If I drag the group out of the window it appears to create a new instance of the browser and the pages load and populate, but all of Edge and Explorer become non-interactive at that point.  I maintain mouse control and scroll wheel, but nothing can be clicked.  If I press the Ctrl button (as in started a task manager summoning), the group window closes and jumps back to the window I dragged it out of.


@LisaS what about Chrome's performance insights feature? Are you waiting to become stable to adopt it?

Edge and YouTube is an absolute joke!
Freezing on certain videos. Black screens. Dropping from the highest resolution to the lowest whilst watching a video. YouTube desktop notifications completely screwed.

The developers need to stop adding useless rubbish to Edge, and fix the existing bugs first!

@Mapantz It could be a YouTube issue, it’s not the first time I heard Google sabotages their sites when using another browser :thinking_face: Remember that Google and Edge share the same codebase.

The issues do not occur on other browsers - Brave, Vivaldi etc. Just Edge.
The same complaints are being posted on Reddit as well.