Dev channel update to 104.0.1287.1 is now live!



Hello insiders, we are releasing new builds to the Dev channel. We have added improvements to old features, improved reliability, and changed the behavior of a few things over the past week. 


Starting today, Internet Explorer is now out of support. Sean goes over what you need to know on the Windows blog here: Internet Explorer 11 has retired and is officially out of support—what you need to know | Windows Ex... If you are an IT professional looking for details on this retirement for work, you can check out the FAQ here: Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ - Microsoft Tech Community 


We are still running a survey for how we communicate and how you can engage with feedback suggestions! Check out the Top Feedback Summary here to find out more on how to provide us your thoughts on various feedback platforms and what you like or dislike about them. 


Added features:  


  • Added a display notification when Microsoft Rewards points increase.  
  • Added an option to provide translation information with feedback for Android. 
  • Added a new policy to manage mini menu settings. 


Improved reliability:  


  • Improved various UX issues seen while searching on the Edge Bar. 
  • Improved reliability for importing favorites from an html file. 
  • Improved the displayed icon on InPrivate browsing page on mobile. 
  • Improved grammar suggestions by adding a header in the submenu. 
  • Enabled the ability to return to the new tab page news feed after opening an article by pressing the back button. 


Changed behavior:  


  • Improved accessibility for screen readers by changing the narrator announcement from "item, selected" to "item, checked/unchecked" after invoking a checkbox menu item.  
  • Enabled the ability to return to the new tab page news feed after opening an article by pressing the back button. 
  • Fixed a crash when selecting an option on the permissions notification on mobile.  
  • Improved discoverability of restored bookmarks, instead of putting them into the Other Favorites they now go into a folder called Restored Favorites 



Thanks for helping us improve version 104, we could not do it without you!  


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In Edge-Dev/Settings/Appearance/Context-menus, I noticed this mention of the "Right-click menu".


However, clicking on it does not do anything. Is this a bug? Or is this an upcoming feature to customize the Right-Click Menu, but which is currently inactive?




No, it's not a bug, it's an indicator that the options below (or in the gray box) apply to the right-click menu. EDIT: I suppose it could be renamed to text selection and images menu, since that's what the options apply to.

Ha, now I see. :)

Well, its design (quite hard to see it is a a heading) and its text description are confusing.


PS: Actually, I wish it was about an upcoming feature to customize the Right-click-on-page menu, because we really need a way to customize which options appear in it, as it has grown to ginormous size. :suprised:

Thank you for sharing.
It is sad to say goodbye to the IE, but we move forward with full force using Microsoft Edge for better web browsing experience.
Absolutely! Thank you.
Welcome, we are here to discuss and contribute to making Microsoft Edge better and I believe several people all over the world are willing to help making Microsoft Edge the most popular browser in the planet.
Scrolling in a PDF-file in Edge Dev became far less smooth than in Edge Stable. I tested this by scrolling the same PDF is both browser versions. Does anyone else see this difference in PDF-scrolling smoothness?


please add support the hevc decoder in edge for chromium

A month ago, StaZhu wrote hevc support for chromium.
Project Address:
It is possible to play hevc videos with hardware-decoding without extensions installed.
And the above support has been merged into chromium's mainline.
The latest Chrome Canary can also be enabled by passing “--enable-features=PlatformHEVCDecoderSupport” and launch.
But I tried, edge can't enable the above features by passing “--enable-features=PlatformHEVCDecoderSupport” and launch.
I hope edge will support it officially.

The direct browser support method is more stable and better than hevc extension.

After the update:

- IE Mode is missing

- Sidebar is missing

- Extension badges have red background and black text instead of white text.

Please try in our Canary channel and let us know if it is happening there, too. The link, which is

If it is happening in Canary still, submit feedback from that channel, as that will be the latest version we have, we’ll want to fix it asap.

Thank you!



Update: Next to Edge Dev and Edge Stable, I also tested pdf scrolling smoothness in Edge Beta and Canary, on my Windows 11 laptop.


Conclusion: scrolling through a pdf-file in Edge Stable and in Edge Beta is smooth. Alas, scrolling a pdf-file stutters in Edge Dev and Edge Canary.


(Tested this with all my Extensions enabled and disabled. Made no difference. And I tested also in InPrivate mode. Same results).



Hi @LisaS,

Tried Canary.

The IE mode button seems to actually have a problem with detecting which sites are incompatible (did you introduce that option now?) - the "Default" option of "Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode (IE mode)" seems to not allow using this. If I change this to "Allow", it works OK. In the Dev version it appeared by itself on one of the saved sites and I could use it on a new site after that.

I can't find the sidebar anywhere though. I can't remember the key binding to try it. I specifically liked the Outlook app there.

Is the issue is happening in Canary right now?

If there are IE mode questions, you can refer to this article for help, and to submit feedback via Edge if setting this up following the guide doesn’t help.

Thank you for your feedback.
It doesn't seem like an issue. The article says that it needs to be toggled ON. Now it's a drop down with Allow, Default and Don't allow. Probably the migration from the toggle to the dropdown made it disappear, but not sure how to reproduce it.