Dev channel update to 104.0.1278.2 is now live!



Hello insiders, we are releasing new builds to the Dev channel. This week we invite you to take our feedback survey. This is anonymous and may take about 15-20 minutes to complete, but it will help us understand your likes and dislikes about various feedback platforms and your thoughts on the engagement opportunities with your feedback. We are looking for more details from users like yourselves who let us know in the February 2022 survey that improvements to feedback communications are needed, and this will help us determine what changes exactly you would like to see. 


We have a lighter week this week, but here are the changes that were made since our last update. 


Added features:  

  • Added support for displaying the correct channel-specific Edge icon in the Search and Spotlight UI for macOS. 

Improved reliability:  

  • Improved the width of the text content display box in reading mode on tablets.  

Changed behavior:  

  • iOS: Improved performance on Citrix. 

Thanks for helping get us to version 104, we could not do it without you!  


4 Replies
Where's Josh?! He's the only one I trust.
Thank you for sharing, I am also wondering will you share overall result of the survey?
We miss him too :) Josh is on a well-deserved vacation and will be back at the end of the month.
Hahaha I was partly joking, of course. You guys are great.