Dev channel update to 103.0.1253.0 is live


Hello Insider, it’s a smaller update this time since this is our second one for the week.  But it’s an important one, since this is the first build for version 103!  Specifically, we’re releasing build 103.0.1253.0 to the Dev channel, which means Beta users should also look for version 102. 


I think it’s also time for another reminder:  we have a Youtube channel!  If you haven’t yet, check out our latest content there: 



Now, what to look out for in today’s build: 


Added features: 


  • Added the ability to pin PWA/websites installed as apps to the taskbar from their … menus. 
  • Enabled by default the ability to search in the History popup using natural language (for example, “Youtube from last week”). 
  • Added a management policy to set the Internet Explorer mode Zoom Display type, which controls if the browser’s zoom level takes into account the current display scale like IE used to (for example, if display scaling is set to 150%, then IE’s default zoom level would show 150%).  Note that updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet. 


Improved reliability: 


  • Fixed a crash on launch. 
  • Fixed a crash when visiting certain websites. 
  • Fixed a crash when adding items to Collections. 
  • Fixed a crash when switching profiles in the Edge Bar. 
  • Fixed a crash in WebView2 applications when adding Status Bar text (Issue 2414). 


Changed behavior: 


  • Temporarily disabled the search box in the Alerts and Tips popup. 
  • Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes doesn’t respond to links clicked from other applications if it’s not already open. 
  • Fixed an issue where the browser isn’t brought into the foreground if it’s minimized when clicking on a notification in the Windows Action Center. 
  • Fixed an issue where previously-opened tabs are sometimes restored when first opening the browser even though they’re not supposed to be. 
  • Fixed an issue where vertical tabs are improperly colored when using custom themes. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Find on Page UI is red. 
  • Fixed an issue where navigator.mediaCapabilities sometimes doesn’t report proper decodingInfo to websites. 
  • Fixed an issue where app or popup windows opened from IE mode tabs don’t automatically resize when they’re supposed to. 
  • Fixed an issue in WebView2 apps where the on-screen keyboard sometimes doesn’t appear (Issue 460). 


Known issues:


  • Users of certain ad blocking extensions may experience playback errors on YouTube.  As a workaround, temporarily disabling the extension should allow playback to proceed.  See this help article for more details. 
  • Some users are still running into an issue where all tabs and extensions immediately crash with a STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error.  The most common cause of this error is outdated security or antivirus software from vendors like Symantec, and in those cases, updating that software will fix it. 
  • Users of the Kaspersky Internet Suite who have the associated extension installed may sometimes see webpages like Gmail fail to load.  This failure is due to the main Kaspersky software being out of date, and is thus fixed by making sure the latest version is installed. 
  • Some users are seeing “wobbling” behavior when scrolling using trackpad gestures or touchscreens, where scrolling in one dimension also causes the page to subtly scroll back and forth in the other.  Note that this only affects certain websites and seems to be worse on certain devices.  This is most likely related to our ongoing work to bring scrolling back to parity with Edge Legacy’s behavior, so if this behavior is undesirable, you can temporarily turn it off by disabling the edge://flags/#edge-experimental-scrolling flag. 


Thanks for helping get us to version 103, we couldn’t do it without you! 


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@josh_bodner  You forgot to mention that you fixed the invisible extensions list from the drop-down menu.



Finally the red colored text in Find On Page search and Extensions have been fixed. Yay!

The new tab button is still red though.

@FXHKI new tab button does not have readable text though. So it's not much of a pain. Also its just mouse-hover color

Is it just me or has the address bar large font size returned since the previous dev build?


Also, the Performance (heart) button appears automatically when I click any other flyout button around the address bar, like the 'View site information', 'Add to favourites', 'Extensions' menu as well as the actual extensions, 'Collections', 'Profile', etc. buttons, and then hides when I close the flyout.

@josh_bodner D3D11on12 is crashing the GPU for quite some time in AMD systems atleast on HP 245 G5 Notebook PC. I had notified the team but it hadn't been fixed yet.


Please fix it.

Loved the new build in that more Quick Links were in each row and once again I could reorder them.

Then suddenly after adding more sites manually a whole row disappeared in front of my eyes.

I can add new sites to the row to get the 2nd row back but not the ones that were there when it acted up, they simply will not add but I feel they are there just not visible.

EDIT 1: Two sites have come back on their own.

EDIT 2: It is the rearranging (dragging with mouse) them that can delete a Link or the Whole Row.

Added to the past 3 builds I have most of the time what can only be explained as runny ink when I highlight the word to choose from spell checker in Edge.

it won't even launch on Fedora Cinnamon 35/36. Kernel 5.17.6-300.fc36.x86_64. Just shows me the wait symbol for a few seconds. No error messages and nothing left in RAM.



Same here on, Mint 20.3, Kernel 5.4.0-110



I can no longer open EdgeDev 103.0.1253.0. This has happened only a few days after updating to the current version. EdgeBeta current version and Edge current version both open and run normally,

@josh_bodner In the Tabs bar Mica design is gone since some updates. Is that a bug?

You need to enable "Show experimental appearance settings" in about://flags. Then head to Settings > Appearance and you'll see two preview options: to enable Mica and to enable the new tab design.
在win11 22h2beta 版本中,edge的所有菜单以及下载窗体都是透明的,无法识别。这是一个严重的问题,通过windows反馈中心反馈,他们将此问题归结为edge的问题类别,因此,请你们尽快修复。