Dev channel build is live


Hello Insiders!  Today we released build to the Microsoft Edge Developer channel.  We’ve got some new features, many of which you’ve seen over the past week in Canary and have been eagerly waiting for in Dev.  Additionally, we have now turned on several new languages on the insider website and added an Enterprise page with offline installer and policy samples.  We’ve also fixed quite a few reliability and behavior issues, the most significant of which include: 


New features and behavior: 

  • Added more strings to the translation work
  • Prevent IE-Mode in Application Guard containers
  • Ability to set text size and background theme in Reading View is now under flag.
  • Ability to use dark mode on downlevel Windows versions 7, 8 & 8.1
  • Search box now clears content with Esc or “x” button

Fixes for improved reliability: 

  • Fixed a crash on Extensions page.
  • Fixed a crash in API keys
  • Fixed a crash while opening PDFs
  • Fix crash in Sync service
  • Fix crash due to cached call in renderer
  • Fix deadlock in Windows, where Microsoft Edge blocks shutdown.
  • Fix crash in JSON parser

Fixes for improved behavior:

  • Fix preventing URL redirection in Application Guard.
  • Fix to prevent creation of database until needed (performance)
  • Subpage headers display the number of search results.
  • Fix to close Profile UI on sign-in
  • Dev Tools support using OS theme color on Windows 10
  • Fix color contrast for selected favorites
  • Fixed Copy / Paste keyboard shortcuts on macOS
  • Fix for z-order on history page
  • Fixed transparency issue on First Run Experience
  • Strengthened launching logic for PDF to specified file names and paths
  • Fix to show FavIcons in Favorites management page.
  • Fix for account removal in Identity
  • Fix for sign-in where account pop-up was not topmost window.
  • Fix for data imports from Chrome and Edge during First Run experience.
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@Elliot Kirk  Oh, yellow icon of favorites folders were better :-(. Please help distinguish folders from websites without icon. Why not using yellow icon for folders everywhere - you use it in Windows, OneDrive, why don't use it in Favorites in Edge?

Or give us control as to which icon we want to use on an individual choice.... I personally like the yellow, so let me choose the yellow.. Those that like the white, let them choose it...... This is really a small thing when we are actually trying to get this ready for public release, but it is a thought for when the public gets it....

Also, how about letting us show icon only for the folders as well....

Maybe because they look ugly and heterogenous in black and white Edge design with blue accents and line-based icons? Explorer allows you as many colors as you wish but screaming yellow is only for the canary Edge icon.



Definitely would love the option of turning every bookmark into icons, rather then having to right click everything just to turn them into icons. 

@Elliot Kirk  


This is excellent work some really good fixes, Edge is becoming the best and fastest browser out there.


Well done all, for all the hard work. 

@Elliot Kirk Hey, you made pinned tabs wider! Thank you!

@Elliot Kirk thank you for remove the yellow favorite folders. The standard (no color) favorite folders looks great in favorites bar! :) 

Definitely not, the standard (no color) favorite folders looks great! :) 

I agree with you too much colour gets confusing. its not needed.

Anyone know if they've fixed the issue with bookmarks/favorite not syncing across multiple devices (all on the same - latest- Windows 10 build and also Edge dev build -latest-)?
For last weeks I have to manually export and import bookmarks which is little annoying.
Also, sometimes, Edge hangs up during import of bookmarks and spike the CPU up to 60 - 80% until I force kill in task manager.

@Elliot Kirk 
I have macbook it's first time rid of safari and using another browser I used to use safari on macbook and google chrome on windows now I use edge on both I love it even bing I give it another chance its results not duplicated 

I downloaded Edge Dev last night and saw an instant improvement over the original Edge for OS10. I am honored to be a part of the guinea pig trial group. Thanks. I don't do many intricate things, but when the simple things are accelerated, it is amazing.





Totally agree with you Drew it will fly out, and knock all the others off their perch.



Gerry, it's SO nice to see someone write my name without @ & 1903.  See how it's done Folks?  It's easy to be traditional & customary, in spite of tech automation. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:


@Elliot Kirk 

Oh Elliot,


Switch to IE, suddenly, isn't showing (in ellipsis) in latest Dev & Canary... even, with IE integration flags enabled.  I, for one, have reported it to :)


There are some issues I'm having when using Edge with Narrator. It seems to be sluggish, and up arrowing on pages causes the narrator cursor to get stuck at times. It was crashing with Narrator before but not with this build. Other screen readers such as Jaws 2019 work fine.

@tojtojka Agree. The standard Windows yellow folder makes them stand apart from website icons much better than a "outline" style icon. Being faster to visually ID is also a positive accessibility factor