Desktop notifications for not working on Linux


Has anyone experienced desktop notifications not working in Edge (dev) on Linux? I have desktop notifications enabled in the settings, and the test notification when initially enabling the setting does work successfully. However, subsequent emails or calendar events do not trigger a desktop notification (the sound notifications do work).  I have observed this issue when just visiting in the browser, and when is installed as a PWA.  Test sites such as this one do successfully trigger desktop notifications from Edge. In the Edge settings, does have the correct site permissions (Notifications = Allow).


Browser: Edge 91.0.852.0 (dev 64-bit)

OS: Linux Mint 20.1

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A quick update on this, I am now receiving desktop notifications for calendar events via installed as a PWA. I still do not see notifications for emails, however. OS and browser versions remain the same at this time.


Same happens to me on MAC.


Tried Safari and Edge, no success.


On PWA, only calendar alerts show.


Still happens on Oct 17 2022 with outlook office 365
Same, I never observed a resolution to this before I ditched Edge (and all Chromium-based browsers) all together.

@mfcallahan in my case it works with Chrome but no Edge