Deploying Group Policy Extensions

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I'm just wondering if anyone has done a walk through guide for the more generalist IT administrator who wants to deploy Edge in their environment.  Testing since the release in April, I've found the the browser to be robust enough for my users but there are some things like set static favorites, home pages, etc, for everyone through group policy.

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I just recently deployed Edge insider DEV on Windows Server 2019 environment,
used the info from here:
had no issue with its group policies so far
things I tried such as setting custom home page, always show home button etc worked fine.
If you want we can collaborate more about that


The problem that I seem to be having is getting the AD based group policy templates to install.  

When I go into SYSVOL\domain\policies, this is what I initially see:


I make a PolicyDefinitions folder and inside that an EN-US folder and copy the files inside them where they need to go.  When I go into the group policy editor, nothing shows up under computer or user configuration after that.





here is where Edge insider policies will show up in Group policy management









When you download the Zip file containing group policies files for Edge insider DEV, open the zip file, go to the "windows" folder => "admx" and copy everything from there to here:




replace SERVERNAME with your own.