Deleted Bookmarks Reappear After Deletion Still on Latest Edge Canary Version

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According to the current known issues I believe the issue affecting bookmarks is supposed to be fixed but for me every time I delete a bookmark, next time I open the browser it is back again.


I spent a while sorting everything out and it all reverted to how it was before, or where I have moved something from one folder to another it is now in both locations so my bookmarks are in more of a mess than when I started and I can't seem to do anything to sort them out as once I add a bookmark I seem to be stuck with it.


Is there a way to get this working as it is no longer on the known issues list even though it doesn't seem to be fixed:


It never used to work properly with legacy Edge either but with that one it used to mostly lose them all.



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Hi, you're right the problem is still there.

favorites sync is still the same as it was all the time, it has no duplicate prevention system, no method of preventing deleted favorites from showing up when multiple devices sync with the same Microsoft account.

sync speed is so slow and when multiple machines are syncing at the same time, the sync engine gets confused and doesn't know which change to register and which change to propagate among other devices..

Favorite sync also still doesn't support favorites that are set to icon-only.

@HotCakeX Thanks, glad it is not just me.

I did find you could drag your bookmark folders and links from the Edge bookmarks bar across to Chrome so luckily I did that last time I sorted them out as a way to back them up how I wanted them.


Hopefully they will get the syncing working right soon although their other syncing tools like OneDrive have never worked well for me as always ends up with conflicting versions of the same files and I have to manually select which one to keep or deleted files that come back again - very annoying!

Thanks that's a useful tip, that bookmarks can be dragged between browsers.

About OneDrive though I heavily rely on it, I have lots of programs that are installed on OneDrive and they generate many smaller files constantly, never had a problem with it, I keep using OneDrive with peace of mind.

@HotCakeX regarding OneDrive, for me it works for all non-Microsoft documents but when it comes to working on Word/Excel/PowerPoint etc. it seems to be the way it handles these files as if I access from my PC it seems to open the cloud version instead and then try to merge them constantly but then gets confused and ends up conflicting with itself.

I've tried it on different PCs and with Microsoft accounts and Office 365 accounts but maybe I'm just unlucky!

Anyway Happy New Year and lets hope Microsoft fixes the bookmark syncing but until then might switch back to Chrome as don't like having messed up bookmarks!

Happy new year!
Yes i made the switch around 2 months ago :)

Wow, neat, it's 10-22-2020 and Microsoft still hasn't fixed this insanely simple sync issue? On top of the failure to sync search engines, what a dumpster fire. I like everything else about Edge but this is sad.


Switched to Edge from Chrome a couple of months ago and just noticed this problem, deleted a bunch of bookmarks on one PC and then noticed they were all still on another PC a few days later.


What are the exact conditions that this problem happens to you?

it was a thing for me few months ago but it's not happening again anymore. even when using Edge stable and Dev, both signed into my personal Microsoft account at the same time on the same PC.

Nothing special, deleted a dozen bookmarks on Edge on one PC a few days ago, first time I really did that in Edge, and just noticed they were all still there today while on another PC. Both are signed in to the same account - bookmarks that I ADD on one PC show up just fine on others.
Did you give enough time to Edge to sync back all the changes to the cloud? I mean did you let Edge stay open for a while, like at least 10-15 mins (really depending on how many bookmarks you deleted) ?

you can see any sync activity in here:

there is a trigger get updates button that forces Edge to get check for changes from the server. it's not normally needed but it's there if someone wants it.
Oh yeah, most definitely, the source PC where they were deleted has been open for hours and hours since then.

This is interesting though, thanks, I'll try some more tests with this and watch the activity happen, maybe it was a fluke.
You're welcome!
yes try that and if you see anything abnormal try to send it using feedback button on Edge because it captures diagnostic data that can help them figure out what went wrong
I see activity popping up when I delete a bookmark in events and such, but still it won't remove bookmarks on other PCs. Guess I'll try submitting a bug report.


I was spending an insane amount of time seeing a bazillion old bookmarks pop up repeatedly in Win 10 EDGE. I deleted bookmarks from all folders under users, removed “SYNC” from all browsers, tried every forum under the sun to find the location of EDGE's Favorites folders, reinstalled Win 10, reinstalled Office 365 TWICE and nothing worked. Amazingly, when I just happened to pick up my old iPad, I saw the same bookmarks coming up! I discovered when I deleted them, Edge also allowed me to permanently delete the bookmarks! No idea it was syncing back & forth to and ancient iPad that I almost never use. 

@Robin Wilson 

So the Ipad was the problem that kept feeding the old bookmarks to the sync when you deleted them from somewhere else?


Here the same thing …

Edge was installed on my PC and iPhone, when i deleted my favorites on my pc, they return in a few seconds.

The moment i logged of from my iPhone everything was running as it should.

Just wait some time and when the synchronization has done you can login on your iPhone to Edge.

Log off again on your iPhone when you need to adjust some favorites :smile:

Regards, Danny