Delete specific websites directly from Omnibox

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As you type in omnibox the browser suggests several sites you have already visited that are stored in history.

I often see the need and opportunity to delete any of these sites, and it would be great to be able to delete directly from omnibox.

It's possible?


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@Deleted It is possible! But you'd never know by just using the browser. :( 


Use your keyboard [down arrow] to highlight the link you want to remove. Then press [Shift] + [Delete].


If you think this keyboard shortcut should be written in the URL suggestion bar (image below) so people actually know this feature exists, haha, feel free to give my feature request a like here, or better yet: submit it via the smiley.





Thanks! Works fine, but isn't too much intuitive or user-friendly... but it's ok for now!

@ikjadoon This trick doesn't seem to work for me. I am trying to remove some legit websites but mainly some typos that I made at one time or another. Highlighting the item suggestion in the omnibox and hitting Shift/Delete does nothing at all.
Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)
Windows 10 version 1909
O.S. build 18363.388

@Jacques Van de Meerssche 


Oh, that's really weird. I'm on dev, so a few builds behind your canary, and it's still working here. A regression perhaps? Or something else perhaps using that shortcut?


If anyone on Canary can test, that'd be helpful.


But, yes: there really should be a mouse-based menu for this. A simple right-click context menu would definitely go far and hopefully alleviate where now, we can't even tell why it's failing. :(

@ikjadoon It sure looks like something got lost along the way, I tried every possible key combination ( Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Fn, Winkey) with the Delete key and none of them work. Hope they get this fixed. I love your right click suggestion. @HotCakeX could you confirm this problem on your Canary setup please?


@ikjadoon Yeah, something like this would be nice:

suggestion 1.30.gif

on Canary Version (Official build) canary (64-bit),
the past history in the omnibox drop down menu can't be right clicked nor deleted using any buttons or keys.
only way is to delete them from the browser history

Thank you for your rapid response @HotCakeX . Browser history allows one to delete individual/all sites but it does not seem to allow for the deletion of typos. Those are the ones that are really annoying me.

Can you please try deleting your typos by first typing that word and then hold SHIFT and press DELETE. you need to do it on the omnibox.


  1. Begin by typing the first few letters of the URL into the URL bar – “”
  2. From that point, Edge insider browser should auto-suggest the incorrect URL
  3. Ensure that the URL is highlighted, and press Shift + Delete (Windows) or Fn + Shift + Delete (Mac) on your keyboard to remove the suggestion
  4. Once deleted, Edge insider will move on to the next suggestion available

Nope, no luck @HotCakeX .

Started typing the url, used down arrow key to highlight incorrect suggestion in omnibox. Shift/Del with no result. By the way, I completely cleaned my browsing history and it still suggests sites I previously visited.

Screenshot (2117).png

Hmm It works when i do it, sometimes with the down arrow key and sometimes without it..

btw i have these related flags too if it makes any difference


Annotation 2019-10-08 174111.png


I Just enabled same flags but no luck @HotCakeX . Cleared my Edge browsing history. Also logged into and deleted all my browsing and search history there. Suggestions still show up and Shift/del don't work. I'm gonna file a Smiley report and will keep you updated of any changes.

Thanks for your assistance,


Yes probably a good idea,

@Jacques Van de Meerssche That's real weird. Thanks for the troubleshooting, @HotCakeX 


Hopefully they can address it w/ the logging from the bug report.


Chrome (Chromium?) does have a few restrictions about what SHIFT + DEL can clear, apparently, which if/when Edge's team attacks this issue should resolve: bookmarks can't be removed, some pages in history, etc.

Thanks @ikjadoon , these links that you posted are very informative. Just took a brief glance at them. I will check them out more thoroughly tonight. First gotta go out and do some real work lol.


@HotCakeX@Jacques Van de Meerssche@ikjadoon, I just tried this on my Canary, and was able to delete the sites that were in the suggestion list due to my history.  Sites that have the magnifying glass icon, do not appear to be capable of deletion.  I will check with the owner of Search, but it looks like you can still delete some of the suggestions from the search bar.  I haven't verified that they have been removed from my browsing history, but they don't show up in subsequent searches that I have done.  Thanks - Elliot