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can you please add option to delete only Autofill data without deleting saved cards and addresses?


Thank you very much! Keep up the good work.

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do you mean at here: edge://settings/clearBrowserData ?

without saved cards and addressed, the only type of autofill data that will be left is passwords, and it can be deleted from that page or individually from here: edge://settings/passwords

am i missing something?

@HotCakeX I meant that stuff you can see in enclosed screenshot. It gets deleted together with every autofill data.

Oh the autocomplete stuff,
well if the the suggestions were appearing in the omnibox, you could use SHIFT + DELETE to remove them but i see they are appearing on search boxes in websites, so i think they are saved as site data,

go to this setting in the screenshot,


Annotation 2019-12-05 181000.png


find that website that shows you autocomplete in its search box

delete it, close and open your browser then go to that website again and see if those previously typed texts still appear



Unfortunately, it's not working... It is inside of these autofill data... Even though if it was under cookies, it would be nice to have this separately. :stareyes:


I made a test writing one two three.... into the input and compared it to number of suggestions and it matched. :smile:


Snímek obrazovky 2019-12-05 v 18.45.28.pngSnímek obrazovky 2019-12-05 v 18.45.47.png

Hah, so yeah that's it, the option "Autofill form data (includes forms and cards)" contains those previously searched keywords in websites.

Can I make suggestion somewhere to add option to delete just those previously searched keywords?

Thanks by the way. :)
use the smiley feedback button at the top of the browser

Hi @filipbecher 

Good news :)

it's now implemented in Microsoft Edge Version 81.0.413.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


More Info:

@HotCakeX Amazing! Thanks a lot. :stareyes:

You're welcome ;)