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Do you know if it is possible for Edge, to use the default language of the system instead of the with which we installed it ?


I installed Edge Chromium in my RDS environnement, in french, but we are in few country so I need for every user, to go into the settings to change to the appropriate language.


Thank you

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Edge has 1 setup file and all the languages are inside it.
when you install Edge, it automatically adds all of the available languages in system.

the language that is set as default in Window will also be set as default in Edge.



In my RDS environnement, each country have his language pack, so the session is in German for users from Germany but the language also still in French.


Is there any regional settings to change by GPO ?


if everything in the user's computer is in German then how does the Edge still picks up the French language?



I'm in a RDS environnement, my host servers are in french.


When I download Edge Chromium, I have been doing it from the french site of Edge, but I tough that soft will reconize the system language (we have French and German language pack installed on the hosts).