Debugging Web Apps with Edge and VSCode

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I've been attempting to use the new Edge with VS Code for debugging my web apps. It works very well when it works.... To do this, I have the Debugger for Chrome extension installed, and I've modified the launch.json to the following:


Whenever there are no other instances of Edge currently running, it works beautifully. The debugger connects and I'm able to step through my software and set breakpoints within VS Code to be hit within the browser debugger.

There's a problem if there's already an instance of Edge running when I attempt to start the debugger. The browser launches, and hangs in the about:blank screen for a few seconds before the process ends and returns to VS Code with the following error:



Is this a bug in the Edge browser, or is there something I should be doing differently in my launch.json to fix this? Thanks!

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@ShannyBot  Thank you for your feedback. 


We recommend that you use the Edge debugger for VSCode to debug against Edge. 

A sample launch.json to launch your project can also be found here -




@Dhanvi_Kapila Thanks so much, that works perfectly!