Dark theme UX on Android (Edge Beta)

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The dark theme on the Android version is been there for a long time, however, the dark theme is kinda "incomplete", which is happening on both production & beta version, you can still see a certain part of the UI keep showing light/white, like showing white background during the app startup. I switched back to Chrome just because of this UX problem. What do you guys think about this?


Here are some screenshots that I found annoying while using the dark theme:



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judging from those screenshots, I think the "Twitter" title needs to be white because it's currently blended in and barely readable.
btw do you see the new Icon for Edge beta on Android yet?
Yeah, I did receive the new icon, at last.

@chungweileong Thanks for reaching out and passing along those screenshots. To confirm, are you still experiencing this? And if so, please let us know so we can loop in the Android Team, and submit feedback through the browser if you haven't yet. (This gives the devs more detailed error logs.)


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@Deleted Just checked, and it's still there.

I have submitted the problem via the browser feedback before.

I have second screenshot problem...
It has happened since last year. I've sent the feedback, but nothing has fixed yet.
How did you screen shot second picture?
I swipe & hold the top bar, then I press & hold the power to bring out the power menu, and there is a screenshot option in the menu.

It might depend on which Android device you are using, I'm using Android One version 10
Thank you!