dark site mode in microsoft edge

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please let me know if you think to enable the dark site mode in addition to the dark theme, like already exists in chrome [enabling chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark] and firefox [with the extension Dark Reader], which give both the chance to set all sites dark and dark theme, and also the reader mode into the sites to facilitate the reading of the contents.

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I think it shouldn't be tied to the dark theme which is in here: edge://settings/appearance
there should be a separate option added next to it so directly control the flag. or even better, add a switch to Edge toolbar to toggle it quickly.
or maybe it work smartly by automatically turning on with Night Light feature in Windows 10 or specify a time range (like from 11 pm to 7 am) for dark site content theme to be turned on.

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Some Microsoft sites have taken into account edges dark mode and adjusted, sorta like how apps on IOS switch to dark things if the phone is on dark mode.

So far this is the only one I've seen, but hopefully more follow.

dark mode website.PNG

dark mode 2.PNG

Yeah I noticed them too. they are mostly Microsoft websites. other websites on the Internet need the force dark mode flag.
is this available in android version of edge?
Nope, in Edge mobile there is only 1 flag and it's not this one.