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Hello, I have an Idea for dark new tab. Background color is same, like in private tab. 

Please, add something like this to Edge.


Dark new tab.png

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@UltraPako Thanks for the suggestion! I'll forward that on to the team!

@UltraPako @IrinaL 

I am using a New tab page utility from the Chrome store.  It, already, will do, can do what you, 'UP', suggest & heaps more.  You should check it out HERE  I highly recommend it. It's terrific:exclamation_mark:


@Drew1903 i think he wants something native to the browser. This addon also got a big flaw the black image i put for background takes a sec to load every time i press new tab it is like getting flashed by the sun

we prefer native one to an extension


How about this ⬇?… looks about the same except for lacking the Microsoft logo. Still, using Bing.


Like this.jpg



My preference, too.  Just showing something that does or can do what had been wanted, for now.


@IrinaL @UltraPako To me currently with the dark theme turned on, that same section appears to me with the light theme.


Is it an A/B deployment or a bug?


Captura de pantalla (7).pngVisual Bug?Thanks.

@Ismael Martinez Our team is working on progressively enabling more of our browser experience to go "dark" in response to Dark Mode, and this is one of the areas we are looking to improve in the future. I don't have an ETA for you yet, but we hear your feedback loud and clear!

Thank you very much for your prompt response. We look forward to seeing how the dark theme unfold continues.:)




Yes, this is exactly what I want. Pure, dark and minimal.

Same as the picture I showed.


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@Ismael Martinez 



I edited classic (white) new tab to dark new tab in developer tools. 
It was only an idea. 

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