Dark Mode Comparison: Edge Canary ( vs Chrome Canary (77.0.3849.0). Who wins out?

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I have attached two pictures of side by side comparison's of Edge's Canary and Chrome' Canary dark mode option. Which is better? Who win's this one? This is interesting. As you can see in the first two attached pictures there's differences in both. Edge you have a drop down menu and can pick between three options of "Dark, Light, System" where as Chrome takes you to a theme page to pick between fourteen different generic color themes and that's before the non-generic themes. Chrome wins that one hands down. I chose Chrome' dark mode theme from the list to compare with Edge'. In dark mode pages Chrome' entire browser is black where Edge is just black around the menu bar and browser bar, the rest is light. However on the setting screen it's reverse where Edge is entirely black where as Chrome is only black on the menu/browser bar and the rest is light. Who win's this one? I don't know. A tie? A matter of preference I would say. Edge's black theme is more lighter and softer on the eyes where Chrome' is "lights out pitch" black and harder on the eyes so I feel Edge wins with this. I feel Edge loses with the lack of options, but win's in the other areas. I decided to attach a third picture which shows all the color themes available with Chrome when you directly click their theme tab.  Insight from others would be interesting. I believe a feature to get more users to Edge, or Chrome users to also use/switch over to Edge is having more color options for themes that you can pick "straight from the theme settings tab".  Options is always better. 

Edit Note: For there's no confusion. This was compared between both Canary versions, and not Edge Canary against Chrome Stable as shown in picture four. Google Chrome also has an insider project (going on like 11 years now) where they have the same "Beta, Developer, Canary" testing/feedback like here.

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This is an interesting comparison.  Thank you for posting it.

I just want dark theme on the store (microsoft) and the new tab page (since settings (unlike your screenshot) is dark too).
Microsoft has done more for the dark theme in a few months than any other in several years.

Thanks for the person who made this dark theme !!