Cut/Paste No Longer Working in Edge Dev

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Been using Edge Dev running in Debian on my Chromebook for a few months now.  I love it.


As of the last update, Cut/Paste no longer works in Edge.  Is this a new bug or am I missing something here?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Try going to edge://settings/shareCopyPaste in Edge, and if the option "Link" has a blue-border around it, click on "Plain text", then close all Edge windows, bring up a new one and retest.

I'm not sure if the "Link" option may work fully on Linux, as I'd imagine it could be very app-dependent there...

If that doesn't work, go to ... (menu) > Help and feedback > Send feedback and send a report from there. Be sure to state if the issue is pasting INTO Edge or pasting FROM Edge -- which-way does the issue exist. If the issue is pasting INTO Edge, does this affecting all sites or not. If the issue is pasting FROM Edge (into another app) does this affect all apps.

@dftf-wip Thanks for the reply.


edge://settings/shareCopyPaste brings me to my Profile page.  I can cut/paste from Edge, but not to it.  I'll provide feedback as you requested.


Thanks for reporting this @billyjk, we believe we have this fixed in the next version of Edge (91.0.864.11), after you get that installed, please let us know if you still repro.

-John Jansen
Microsoft Edge
Engineering Manager



Will do John.


Fixed. Nice work.