Customizable zoom is really important!

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To be able to enter any zoom value is essential in a browser. I really need certain sites to have exactly a specific zoom percentage in order for it to work properly for my purposes. So, implement this feature please.
And to my friends on this forum, please send this feedback via the browser itself and upvote this post. Thanks!

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I never felt the need for it personally



I understand, but it is important to me and can be useful for many people.

I have a 4K monitor that I use in portrait mode for several reasons that it is not necessary to explain here, and when I access some sites using that monitor I feel the need for finer and more precise adjustments regarding zoom. I do this using an extension, but geez dear people, it would be so cool if it were a native Edge feature.
After all, no harm will be done if this resource exists. It will be an option that some will use and others will not ... anyway it is better to have it than not to have it

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I'll send feedback for you!




Thank you, Violet!

Lol no probs :3