Custom searches - include during import process and in settings sync


I'm thrilled that the new Chromium-based Edge supports the use of custom searches like Chrome does. I had a long list of these in Chrome. It would be great if Edge would allow us to import our existing custom searches from Chrome directly into Edge. 


And second, it would be great if custom searches could be synced between Edge installs on different machines on the same Outlook account. 


And finally, very minor comment, but the list of custom searches (edge://settings/searchEngines) doesn't make use of the full screen, and shows only six lines. Please let that pane fill the full page so we don't need to scroll as much to find and edit a custom search. 

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Great suggestion! We are comitted to make the migration process as painless and rich as possible and Search Engines import is an area we are keeping an eye on. There will a lot of big stories around the import experince as we move closer to our public release. Stay tuned!


Regarding your issue on the view area in the Search engines list page, I have forwarded it to the relevant team.


Keep sending the bouqets/bricks/suggestion our way! 


@ChromeRefugee +1 for supporting this when bringing in data from Chrome and expanding the page when editing it afterwards.

I have many search engines used in chrome and as the UI for editing search engines is pretty clumsy, it would be nice if these were just imported as part of the migration away from chrome.

Seeing as though the original searches are stored in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl I'm surprised that a) they are not imported or b) just used natively (although I guess this could cause some contention as Edge should not be looking at IE settings.)


@Andy Helsby  Yeah I hope they implement this asap. Google never bothered to wrap this into the sync tool oddly. Maybe they want to deemphasize this capability so people keep using Google for all searches, but if that's the case, why give people the option to define custom searches to begin with? I hope MS can step in and make this a better experience. Seems like it should be a piece of cake since they already sync entire Favorites trees without trouble. What's another small folder with a bunch of custom links?