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In Internet Explorer I was able to create my own Home Page in Word. I saved it in.mht format and could update it as needed. I created tables for News, Finance, Spirituality, Webmail, etc with the name of each destination having a link. The title of each table also had a bookmark which would take me back to the top menu. (the listing of all of the table titles) All of my needs were met. In Edge it appears that I have to choose a webpage, not a page on my computer. I am hoping that I am wrong, that you can tell me what format to use so that I can save a document to my computer in the approved format that I can have as my custom homepage when Edge opens. If this is currently not possible, I hope that you will all get working on it ASAP. :)

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as you've already guessed. it's not possible to freely customize the new tap page with your own style.
though you can more or less achieve what you mentioned in Edge insider new tab using built in options.

there is also an advantage here in Edge insider which IE didn't have and it's the power of extensions :)

there are lots of extensions dedicated to modifying and customizing the new tab page in chromium based browsers such as Edge insider.

here is a collection of them on chrome extension store: