Current Edge is destructive to Satya Nadella's work improving the image of Microsoft

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I just spent the last ten minutes "fixing" Edge (94.0.992.31 (Official build) (64-bit)), disabling "feeds" and "notifications" and "preferences" and "customising" my "page layout". What are you guys ON ABOUT with all this?!?! Microsoft is *finally* turning around its image, once again (slowly) becoming a company that can be loved by the public, and you guys (the Product Managers for Edge) are completely ruining all of that.


Being the stewards of a browser is an incredibly important role, and you are not taking it seriously. In the name of "engagement" you have made it impossible to recommend Edge to ANYONE. And it wasn't that long ago you were posting screenshots about how much "crap" you had removed from the Chromium code base, and yet here we are, with the most ludicrous amount of pure unadulterated crap I've ever seen in a web browser (and that includes Chrome)!


Please, irresponsible Product Managers of Edge, stop doing this! A browser should be neutral, it should be fast, it should have as little code as it needs, and not a line more.


I shouldn't have to spend 10 minutes disabling all of the crap every time you release an update.

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