Cumulative list of problems in Edge Canary 84.0.484.0

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  1. Read Aloud voices can't be changed (Neither in normal web page, Immersive Reader nor in PDFs)
  2. Grammar Tools do not work in Immersive Reader mode
  3. Reader Preferences do not work in Immersive Reader mode, when I click on them nothing happens.
  4. The NTP image reverts back to the default Edge image even though I have set a custom background for it. it reverts back every time i relaunch Edge. I have to go to the gear on NTP, switch between daily image and custom image once to fix it.















sent them using Edge feedback (one by one separately with description) but if anyone else on Canary can reproduce these, try to send feedback as well. thanks



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Nothing works for me either.

1. Custom NTP Wallpaper keep resetting

2. Except Text Preferences nothing works all greyed out.


Any fix available?

Thanks for checking, well the fixes should be in the code that Edge developers write :)
Looks like only the custom NTP wallpaper is fixed in Version 84.0.485.0