Ctrl+Shift+T Broken/Icon Issues

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I just experienced a bug where after I closed a tab, then tried to reopen it with Ctrl+Shift+T, Edge did not open the tab back up; however, it did open a new Edge window with an empty profile as the user. When I restarted the browser, Ctrl+Shift+T worked fine, I just thought I'd post here in case this is ever useful to someone. I am on the Dev channel, build 87.0.644.4. The Edge Icon is also a bit jagged compared to how it usually is.

JaggedJagged   Normal SmoothNormal Smooth

The Canary channel icon is smooth, like the other usually is, but the Dev icon changed to this jagged one.

In addition to the browser icon in the taskbar, the icons for PWA apps in my start menu have changed with the latest update. I appreciate that the icons are now able to utilize the space in the start tiles more fully, but I believe that now they are a bit too big, and there is no padding around some icons at all.

Start Menu.pngCan Icon.pngIcon.png

I realize that it is probably difficult to make the sizing work for all icons, especially as this is not what the creators designed the icons for. I do however, think that these icons could all be decreased a bit in size to match the tiles a bit better. The YouTube icon is far too big, and does not look very good, as it overlaps the YouTube label. The icons also stretch with the tile, so if I set the tile size to Wide, the icon appears like this:


I realize that these aren't the most important things, so I don't expect anyone to focus on these at all, but I thought I'd post my findings if anybody is interested. Thanks to the team for working hard at this. I use the Dev channel daily and think that it is the best all-around browser now, especially after the Open, Save, Save As options were brought back to the download system.

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