Ctrl + Left click within a favorite folder/group

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I'm hoping I'm missing something obvious. When I use Control + Left Click within a favorite folder/group, it will only allow me to open one of the favorites in a new tab. For example, in my banking folder, I have 3 bank sites. If I right click then select "Open in new tab" on each, they will each open in a new tab. If, however, I hold Ctrl + left click, the first item will open in a new tab and the next two will do nothing. I have to close and re-open the folder in order for Ctrl + left click to open the next item and then again for the third item.


This is only an issue when using the favorites bar. If I display the favorites with Ctrl + Shift + O and then do Ctrl + left click, it allows me to open any number of favorites in a new tab (as it should).


If this is a bug or missing feature, could it be fixed in a future release? (my work has Alt + Shift + I disabled, so I couldn't report this the normal way ... sorry).

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it's a known issue, it got fixed in version 90/91 on Canary/Dev and (soon) Beta channel, unfortunately the fix didn't make it to the stable channel which is on version 89.
i have no idea why,
Glad to know I wasn't crazy. Thank you for the quick response.

You're welcome, you're definitely Not crazy :)
in the meantime, you can use the new favorites flyout on the toolbar (or turn it into sidebar by pinning it), it doesn't suffer from the same problem.